Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Arsenal to sell Henry to United?

...OK, so that was a joke, but I do believe Arsenal are preparing to off-load Henry, sadly they'd never sell him to United, Barcelona is a different matter entirely and it's there that I believe he could be heading this January.

Reading between the lines, something has been going on between Wenger and Henry, it could be a similar situation to the Fergie and Van Nistelrooy spat, maybe the relationship isn't totally broken as it was between Fergie and Ruud, but once the decision is made to part company it's usually best for all concerned. Despite his fantastic goal record at United, the team has carried on winning without Ruud. Life does go on.

I don't actually like Wenger, but football isn't a popularity contest, it's about results and there's no better manager in the world regarding finding new talent than Wenger. In a nutshell I'd have complete faith his his judgement which is a view shared by the Arsenal big-wigs. It could be perfect timing financially because Arsenal will get a packet for their French striker and Wenger will replace him, maybe not like for like, but he will find a way of replacing him.

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