Monday, December 11, 2006

"Actions speak louder than words"...

How ironic that just a few days after Fergie hinted that United wont be signing a new striker in the January transfer window, David Gill, United CEO, announces to the world that 'actions speak louder than words' - this was in response to Peter Kenyon's recent statement that by 2014 Chelsea will be the world's biggest club.

Come the end of the current season should United come up short because of a lack of fire-power up front, United fans and the media will no doubt be keen to remind Gill of his own words about actions speaking louder than words.

Chelsea could well achieve Kenyon's goal of having the biggest turnover, but as I've said before they will never be as big as United, Liverpool, Barca and Real Madrid - they aren't even the biggest club in London.

United are doing well at present, but it's doubtful United will win the title, because the Chelsea squad has far greater strength in depth. Furthermore, under the new Glazer regime - United have spent little money on new players - this policy is the road to ruin and disaster on the pitch if it carries on like this. Gill can talk all day long about filling Old Trafford with 75,000 fans, but the current squad was largely built on money ploughed in from the old PLC. Those fans wont keep turning up if the team starts failing.

United can only compete with Chelsea with serious financial backing for the manager. We have seen little evidence of that so far. United have mountains of debts thanks to the Glazer family - no other club on the planet has such debts, so it is impossible to see where the investment on the pitch will come from, save for perhaps the ruler of Dubai or some such bailing out the Glazer family and United.

Gill says "Actions speak louder than words"...In response to Gill, United fans would say "Talk is cheap".

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