Sunday, August 05, 2012

£50m swoop talk erupts as IPO rumpus rumbles on...

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The nation may well basking in a golden glow from "Team GB's" stunning success in the  London Olympic games - it is turning into a very special year - but for followers of Manchester United, we still don't know if Ferguson's summer signings will live up to the fans expectations.

According to Bob Cass of the Mail on Sunday, United are about to sign Lucas Moura and Robin van Persie in a £50m double swoop - one that will send out a strong message to United's rivals. It bloody well will, if it actually happens.

Ferguson recently broke with convention when confirming that the club were indeed trying to sign the Brazilian and Arsenal's dutch talisman. Quite why Fergie felt it necessary to publicly confirm his interest in the strike duo has been the subject of much debate; was it a curved ball to put United's rivals off the scent of the 'real targets'?; or was it a cynical attempt to win the fans over following the much talked about IPO? ; or is it the case that Ferguson's interest is genuine, despite this somewhat radical departure from the norm in which transfer deals are done without the full glare of public scrutiny?

So what of this £50m double swoop? Bob Cass is said to be a 'pal' of the United manager - despite the fact that 12 month's ago Ferguson told him where to go in no uncertain terms, nonetheless, the MOS reporter was granted a controversial no-punches-pulled interview during United's recent Summer tour of South Africa.

Ignoring that Ferguson and Cass had a bit of a set to - which happens to most reporters from time to time with Fergie, Cass has stuck to his story over the last few weeks and the fact that he's now claiming Moura is set for a medical is of some interest. If nothing else, Cass has has been consistent and he's not hiding behind the often used "Staff Reporter" byline. All we know for sure is if this transfer coup fails to materialise, we are unlikely to ever know the real truth, not least, until the Laird of Old Trafford publishes another book...

In other news, Manchester United's latest attempts to launch an IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the New York Stock Exchange gets under way this week. This blog fully supports MUST and we urge all right thinking United fans to Say NO to the IPO. Please click on the link to register your displeasure: Say NO to the Glazers IPO - click here to help MUST


  1. The tag line of this Blog looks like you are stuck in your ways and can't be open to change. I agree with what you are saying in this post btw. Although, I'm not going to lie about knowing about Stock Markets but isn't this a open gateway for change of ownership (no matter what safe guards the Glazers put up). This will take time!

  2. No one expects change of ownership overnight, but we hope it happens soonish. The debts are the big problem. The Glazers' have missed a big opportunity to pay off a large chunk of that £423m debt, instead they've chosen to shove their noses into the trough. Not good enough. Hopefully, these investment banks will find more suitable shares to invest in.


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