Monday, October 10, 2011

Rooney's red card for England: Every cloud has a silver lining....

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Wayne Rooney has been grabbing the headlines for the wrong reasons since he was sent-off in Podgorica on Friday night. Referee Wolfgang Stark had no alternative but to wave a red card in the direction of Rooney in the 74th minute, for what was a reckless challenge on Miodrag Dzudovic.

As a result of the dismissal, UEFA are likely to give Rooney a two-match ban on Thursday, one that will take effect at the Euro 2012 finals in Poland and the Ukraine. In a worst case scenario that ban could be stretched to three games and if that happens the Premier League's top goal-scorer could be miss all of England's group games.

The media have predictably been hammering Rooney and on this occasion even die-hard Reds will find it difficult to defend United's talisman. For his part, Fabio Capello has if, anything, just added to that familiar feeling of despair which seems to surround the England team whenever a big tournament comes around, because the Italian has decreed that Rooney will take no further playing part in preparation for the finals. This news is a massive boon for Manchester United and its supporters; we know that our most important player will not suffer a needless injury while playing for his country.

To the annoyance of the media, Capello's decision to axe Rooney has just added to their collective anger. Many in the media fell out of love with Capello long before England's dismal showing at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Without question, Capello should have been sacked after that tournament, but that did not happen thanks to the totally and utterly incompetent FA. England are stuck with the Italian and his colossal salary, but the clocking is ticking to his retirement date which cannot come soon enough.

Capello says he wants to try something different - that is his rationale for axing Rooney - frankly, United fans do not care, but the England's manager's decision has not been greeted with universal joy.

Next up, United face Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday for what always is one of the most important league games of the season. Liverpool have disgracefully slashed United's ticket allocation to just 1,900. Perhaps Manchester United should reciprocate and slash Liverpool's allocation for the corresponding fixture at Old Trafford?

There is better news to report regarding Tom Cleverley, who has signed a contract extension and quite right too. Cleverley has been a breath of fresh air in United's engine room this season and after recovering from ligament damage he is fit to face Liverpool, but chances are he will only be on the bench.

There will be more news on the injury front later in the week following the conclusion of this latest round of international fixtures.

"LFC single out United"

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  1. Hope he gets a year long ban and decides to retire from Ingerlund. Young, Welbeck, Jones, Rio and Cleverley could do likewise and we'd have less injured and fresher players for United. The fact is that unlike most other clubs, playing for England is a step down in class and in quality of team-mates, e.g. Chicharito v Bent, Defoe, Rio, Jones v. Terry, Lescott, Smalling v Richards, Rooney v all the others.

  2. BBM,

    IT has been interesting reading the comments from Neville and Scholes about playing for England. IMO, it isn't that far removed from that Mike Bassett spoof. I see where you are coming from ref your comments.

  3. "Liverpool have disgracefully slashed United's ticket allocation to just 1,900. "

    Why did Liverpool do that you moron?

    The problem with the Web is imbeciles like you can pretend they are a reliable source of information.....Not.

    Do your homework, Do your homework, Do your homework, Do your homework, Do your homework, Do your homework, Do your homework, Do your homework, Do your homework, Do your homework.

  4. No, you do yours you stupid scouse muppet.
    Read the newly inserted link at foot of article 'LFC single out Utd'.

  5. The FA is incompetent and Capello is laughing all the way to the bank every month. Of course he's trying his best to make sure England do not do well. These suits at FA should explain why they chose him , a guy with no International accomplishment, at an astronomical salary. Rooney will not be guaranteed his place? Well said , Senor Capello. The only world-class player on the British isles is now not to play!! He has committed an error and UEFA will punish ( more heavily than usual , methinks).. end of matter.

  6. Anon,

    While I think Capello has been taking the piss on several levels, I don't think he set out to try to make England fail: let's face it, we are good at that and pretty much always have been. I do concur with the rest of your comments.


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