Friday, September 09, 2011

Andre Marriner must stand up to "bully boy" Kevin Davies....

Footballers' are often labelled as dim-wits, and in many cases with good justification, ahead of United's trip to the Reebok on Saturday, Kevin Davies - the proverbial Bolton battering ram - has unwisely, and very publicly, announced his intent to "rough up" Phil Jones and David de Gea. It's not a particularly bright idea to tell the world that you plan rough up the opposition, but then again, I suppose we should expect that from a one dimensional striker like  Kevin Davies.

Manchester United's away record on the domestic front was pretty lousy last season, in end the champions were quite fortunate to come away from the corresponding Bolton fixture with a share of the spoils. Saturday's fixture has all the ingredients to make it a real cracker, it is a derby and the Trotters fancy their chances against anyone at the Reebok and of course United have a good record at Bolton.

Andre Marriner is the man in charge and it is hoped he doesn't cave in under pressure from the home crowd - which is the single biggest issue with many so called "first-class referees". By opening his big mouth to the press ahead of the game, Davies might well have done Fergie a favour, because it is one less job for him to do, that is the United manager won't have to warn the referee to be on his toes.


  1. Bolton Fan here. I must agree that Davo's comments were at best stupid, at worse just asking for a card of some hue! Anyway hope its a good game, and of course that we win!!!


  2. Well our young lads do need the test as there are more to come ! As long as its not injury threatening let him have a go .Im sure Jones will welcome it .

  3. "He's a big strong boy and of course I'll be trying to give him a going over" hardly means "rough up" as you claim. What's he supposed to say? Davies also praises United in the same article and you've just saved Alex Ferguson a job of posting the same thing. Same whining every year. Rooney's such a nice little chap on a pitch isn't he? Just get on with it will you and stop all this twelfth man with the ref shirt stuff. It's boring.

  4. Yeah the refs going against utd is so common.

    Wake up.

  5. Quiet, you glory-hunting, plastic, armchair, London based 'fan'

  6. Typical Moaning Cockney Manc from China! It would be nice to see Bolton win but i personally think it will be more pleasurable watching Kevin Davies bundle that little Spanish quiff into the back of the net.

  7. I'm surprised that you have the internet in Bolton, even more surprised that some of you can write...


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