Monday, August 22, 2011

Man City four year spending spree more than Fergie's 25 year outlay....

We all know about Manchester City's spending power and yesterday they sent out another ominous warning to the rest of the Premier League when taking three points from the Reebok; the 3-2 scoreline flattered Bolton somewhat because Sergio Aguero missed two absolute sitters.

After the first two games of the season, City are top of the table and even the most die-hard Red has to admit they are looking good. Roberto Mancini's team are beginning to look like the finished article, but following a four year £360m+ (excluding wages) spending spree then it's no real surprise, is it?

According Garry Cook, City's CEO, the club's spending is unsustainable - quite so. Having looked at the numbers and having compared them to Ferguson's spending over his entire 25 years at United, City have splashed out over £90m more in the last four years alone. That comparison is quite shocking as it really does bring City's recent spending into sharp focus.

Both Manchester clubs have yet to complete their summer transfer dealings and so the figures are likely to change. Note: we haven't included any figures for Carlos Tevez, because they are not available.

Man City Transfers    2008-09 - 2011-12
Players in
Gael Clichy £7,000,000
Stefan Savic £6,000,000
Sergio Aguero £38,000,000
Costel Pantilimon Signed
Total £51,000,000
Players out
Donal McDermott Free
Jo Signed
Jerome Boateng £12,360,000
Shay Given £3,500,000
Total £15,860,000
Players in
Mario Balotelli £24,000,000
James Milner £26,000,000
Edin Dzeko £27,000,000
Total £77,000,000
Players out
Javier Garrido £2,750,000
Stephen Ireland £8,000,000
Adam Clayton Signed
Robinho Signed
David Ball Signed
James Poole Signed
Shaleum Logan Free
Andrew Tutte Free
Scott Kay Free
Total £10,750,000
Players in
Gareth Barry £12,000,000
Roque Santa Cruz £17,500,000
Dedryck Boyata Signed
Stuart Taylor Free
Carlos Tevez Signed
Emmanuel Adebayor £25,000,000
Kolo Toure £16,000,000
Sylvinho Free
Joleon Lescott £22,000,000
Patrick Vieira Free
Adam Johnson £7,000,000
Jerome Boateng £10,460,000
Alex Henshall £250,000
David Silva £26,000,000
Yaya Toure £24,000,000
Albert Rusnak Signed
Total £160,210,000
Players out
Darius Vassell Free
Adrian Cieslewicz Signed
Daniel Sturridge £3,500,000
Gelson Fernandes Signed
Ched Evans £3,000,000
Elano £8,000,000
Kasper Schmeichel Signed
Richard Dunne £5,000,000
Angelos Tsiaklis Free
Paul Marshall Free
Jack Redshaw Free
Martin Petrov Free
Valeri Bojinov Signed
Filip Mentel Free
Total £19,500,000
Players in
Jo £18,000,000
Tal Ben-Haim Signed
Vincent Kompany £6,000,000
Shaun Wright-Phillips £9,000,000
Glauber Berti Free
Pablo Zabaleta £6,450,000
Robinho £32,500,000
Wayne Bridge £12,000,000
Craig Bellamy £14,000,000
Nigel de Jong £18,000,000
Shay Given £5,900,000
Total £121,850,000
Players out
Sun Jihai Free
Andreas Isaksson Signed
Geovanni Free
Georgios Samaras Signed
Bernardo Corradi Free
Matthew Mills £300,000
Ashley Grimes Free
Paul Dickov Free
Rolando Bianchi Signed
Vedran Corluka £8,500,000
Sam Williamson Free
Total £8,800,000
Total outgoing £359,060,000
Total incoming £44,160,000
Grand Total Net deficit £314,900,000

Fergie's 25 year transfer record
Player In Out
Alan Smith 7 6
Alex Notman 0.25
Anderson 15
Anders Lindegaard 3.5
Andrie Kanchelskis 0.65
Andy Cole 6 8
Antonio Valencia 16
Ashley Young 17
Bebe 7.4
Ben Foster 1
Brian Carey 0.25
Brian McClair 0.85
Carlos Tevez 0 0
Carrick 18.5
Chris Smalling 10 2
Dan Higginbottom 2
David de Gea 18.9
Danny Wallace 1.2
David Beckham 25
David Bellion 2
David Healy 1.5
David Jones 1
David May 1.4
Dimitar Berbatov 31
Denis Irwin 0.625
Diego Forlan 7.5
Dion Dublin 1 2
Dwight Yorke 12.5 2
Eric Cantona 1.2
Eric Djemba-djemba 3.5 1.3
Fabien Barthez 7.8
Fraizer Campbell 3.5
Gabriele Obertan 3 0
Gary Pallister 2.3 2.5
Gordon Strachan 0.5 0.3
Graeme Hogg 0.15
Henning Berg 5 1.75
Jaap Stam 10.5 16.5
Jasper Blomquist 4.4
Javier Hernandez 10
Jim Leighton 0.75 0.2
Jon Greening 2
Jon Spector 0.5
Juan Veron 28.1 15
Karel Poborsky 3.5 2
Keith Gillespie 1
Kleberson 5.9 2.5
Lee Sharpe 4.5
Liam O'Brien 0.25
Louis Saha 12.8
Mark Hughes 1.8 1.5
Mark Robins 0.8
Micky Silvestre 4
Mike Phelan 0.75
Nani 15
Neil Webb 1.5 0.8
Nemanja Vidic 7
Nicy Butt 2.5
Ole Solskjaer 1.5
Owen Hargreaves 17
Park 4
Patrice Evra 5
Paul Ince 1 7
Paul McGrath 0.4
Paul Parker 2
Peter Davenport 0.75 0.75
Peter Schmeichel 0.55
Phil Bardsley 2
Phil Jones 16.5
Pique 5
Pique 0.15
Richardson 5.5
Rio Ferdinand 30
Ronaldo 12.8 80
Ronny Johnsen 1.28
Rossi 5
Roy Carroll 2.5
Roy Keane 3.75
Ryan Shawcross 1
Steve Bruce 0.8
Taibi 4.5 2.5
Teddy Sheringham 3.5
Tim Howard 2.3 3
Van Nistelrooy 19 11
Viv Anderson 0.25
Wayne Rooney 20
Wes Brown 0 1
Totals 450.455 226.45
Total Net Deficit 224.005


  1. Hey,

    Have you ever heard of inflation???
    Do you really think that if you had to buy a maestro like Roy Keane in this day and age, you would be paying 3.75 million for him??? More likely you would be paying close to 25 to 30 million no?

    So what kind of comparision is this? I think you needed to add a time variable inflation factor in there to make this a realistic comparision.

    But then, I suspect that providing a fair comparison was never your motive behind this article.

    1. No mate, you'd probably pay £10m for Keane now. Inflation not really the issue, it is the changing face of football transfers. Keane was expensive in his day for his age. A better comparison would be the £12m Arsenal spent on a teenager called Oxlade-Chamberlain recently.

  2. Adrian,

    There's no escaping the fact that City's spending has been on a scale like nothing seen before in the PL.

    Interesting that you have used the word "fair", as the rest of the PL owners and fans of other clubs see what your club is doing is very unfair.

  3. It costs a billion $s to create a team capable of competing at the highest levels. You can either buy a ready made one at a premium price, like the Glazers did, or you can buy a debt ridden second rate one from the bargain basement and pump the cash in - that's Man City. They may well succeed, but they won't be loved or respected for it.

    1. By city supporters they will be. ;)

  4. Ok Adrian. Lets just compare the last four years then ...

  5. Look away from the "inflation-money", And rather have a look at the number of players bought - scary indeed.

  6. Well, according to this Man City never recieved money for Robinho, which is wrong.

  7. It also says that they never paid anything for tevez..which is wrong..they certainly paid out more than that.

    Another thing, the most costly part of this has not been order to get top players to sign for an obscure unknown club, the signing on fee's would of had to be totally ridiculous amounts...millions.
    -Worse than that the wages are being paid twice the amounts of even top clubs like man u, liverpool, chelsea pay for there top players., truly obscene figuers like £250,000 a week...and were not talking about your gerards,rooneys here, were talking about the gareth barrys!!

    Its like they have no concept of monetary value, and just make up these silly figuers like something out of austin powers..''billion squillion, katrillion.'' completely ridiculous.

    Along with the £400m exorbitant dodgy stadium naming deal (from the owners cousin no less) on a stadium they dont eben own! and spending god knows what buying up swathes of manchester to build a mini man city. crazy and ruining a liverpool fan by the way.

    Ps, what this also doesnt account for is the £120million/wages and signing on fees that sven spent before the arabs came in...just saying.

    1. "obscure, unknown club"....maybe by clowns like you mate. You're an idiot, a bitter, envious idiot if you actually believe tripe like that. Maybe the Editor of this blog should put these idiots straight, that's if he actually knows anything about MANCHESTER football. Don't know if you muppets know but football wasn't invented by your best mate Rupert Murdoch in 1992.

  8. man city make chelsea's expenditure since abramovich look like peanuts. if i had that buying power, i'd just say...fuck dzeko, fuck aguero, get messi, cr7, neymar, ganso, xavi, iniesta, rooney, nani, villa, ibra, hell, buy the entire united, barcelona, real madrid and chelsea team and then subsidize their wages as their play on loan in their respective clubs.
    its just purely ridiculous to what extents they are taking this club.
    are their fans actually happy with the direction they are going?
    backing a team financially is fine (as some of you will argue), but city have taken that concept way waaaay out of context and created a bastardized frankenstein monster.
    to me, its a mess of expensive and talented individuals (mercenaries) that even real madrid cannot match

    1. "are City fans actually happy?" One word, Anonymous.....ECSTATIC! Three words to describe you....BITTER, JEALOUS and GUTTED!

  9. Liverpool and Man Utd fans moaning about another club's big spending..... it makes me laugh. Adrian is 100% correct, allow for inflation (football inflation) and all City have done is 'binge' for 3 hours instead of sipping Moet Champagne for 24 hours at an exclusive golf club-house that didn't let City fans in. Bitter reds?

    1. But Man Utd and Liverpool earn it by themselves from money they earn to become the champion unlike City depend only with their sugar daddy. Just like you build your own company and become a a CEO compare with you inhered from your father. ;p

    2. If you're only allowed to invest what you make through winning things (and the merchandising side that comes with success), then we would simply have a top 4 with money and no one else would ever be able to afford a squad capable of challenging. Chelsea and Blackburn also won the Premiership by putting a squad together financed by their wealthy owners, and I think it's fair to say that City have been forced to pay well over the odds for their signings because clubs/players/agents see them coming a mile away and push prices up.

  10. In the last three years Real Madrid´s transfer total net deficit was 230 million pounds, only 12 million pounds less than M. City (242). They don´t have emirs, but they have the local government´s favour to reclassify and sell lands.

  11. If you include wages and net transfer fees, United have spent more than City since 2003. Wages are the biggest outlay a football club has, so claiming that City have spent more in the last 4 years than Fergie has spent over his managerial career at United is clearly disingenuous, because you're totally ignoring wages spent.

  12. More City fans trying to draw comparisons, and make ridiculous excuses. Everybody knows there is none, you are lying to yourselves. Clearly they are ashamed of it, otherwise they would just hold their hands up to it. United are run as a business, their spending is in proportion with its earnings. They spend more because they earn more, simple. City are not being run as a business, it wouldnt matter how much they won they will never see any return on the investment. If football clubs are not ran as businesses and all that matters is who has the richest owner ... then what the fuck is the point???? "my sugar daddy is richer than your sugar daddy" is THAT what we want football to be about????

    1. Prove that City isn't run as a business. Provide facts,links, documents, whatever, to substantiate your claim.


    3. Ha ha! Ask and you shall receive! City as a business will never have ROI.

    4. WHO CARES! Football clubs aren't businesses they're sporting ventures. It's not about profit, it's about fun and the 'Beautiful Game'. Our guy's a Trillionaire, he earns more in two days than all the money he's spent on City. Hard luck, we got the Sheik, you got the Glazers (and their greatest admirer, Sir Fergie). Enjoy!

  13. First name i looked at on the United section was Andrew Cole, in for £6 million out for £8 million. Cole was sold to Blackburn for £2 million. Someone's gone to a lot of trouble and can't even get it right or maybe that's the intention. It's all highly disingenuous anyway. You're just sick that City have a fabulous owner and United have....the Glazers! Enjoy your boring, soulless team while we revel in our luxuriant football. Oh, and get a life (and a calculator).Envy can eat you up and turn you very BITTER!

  14. "United are run as a business and spending is in proportion to their earnings!-Anonymous 12/04/2012. Exactly! The words f.c disappeared a long time ago and you're actually proud of that. Stick your business up your arse, it's a failing business. I'll stick with the Sheik who is running our club as a hobby purely for the sport. Hope we make massive losses every year, forever. Shame they've changed the rules to try and f**k us up, won't work though. Enjoy your business and your magnificent owners, you bitter, twisted, envious tossers. Our owner's spending another billion purely on the community and the local area, that's not a business either, it's a gift. No wonder you lot are gutted. Don't be so glum though, the Glazers have approved a £50 grant to help refurbish the Lou Macari chippy!

  15. Well when Blackpool got promoted to the BPL, they made a profit of £30 million. Its pointless if all you are going to do is buy all the best players. The game of football needs to be brought back. Really most of the city fans are just trying to come up with excuses. Just face the facts over the last four years you have spent an absolute fortune on players and their wages. But, somethings are alright like helping out the community. If you have the money to spend you shouldn't just waste it on players and try to buy the title for the PL. United have also spent a lot of money but in comparison it doesn't compare to the amount city have spent. Theres no point talking about inflation we are just going off figures at the time. City and united have both succeeded by spending lots of money. So, i can conclude that if thats the type of team you want to support then that is your choice. But, personally, i think that everyone should support a true football team like Blackpool. And unfortunately thay have just been beaten in the play-off final to return to the PL. Likewise, this is why national football is good because you cant buy players and it has a lot less to do with the money. More to do with the standard of the players.

    ps. i think this has got quite confusing.

  16. you ahve missed player out, like transfer record of bryan robson £1.5million. how could you forget him of all players. If ferdinand cost £30 million in 2002, howmuch would he cost if today, players are being sold for £50 million, £80 million, £40million?
    you have wasted your time and energy on this article. united just bought the title this season 2013, they spent 79 million, city just 6


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