Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fergie - we don't want Barton under any circumstances...

Only a fool would tell Ferguson how to do his job, but sometimes you have to voice your concerns and the news that United are being strongly linked to Joey Barton will surely have angered many United fans. Free signing or not, this blog doesn't want to see Barton pulling on a Manchester United shirt under any circumstances.

We have re-opened our poll asking whether or not Fergie should sign Barton. Have your say. If you do not support Manchester United, respectfully, can you please keep your opinions to yourself as we do not want your input. Thank you.


  1. One Billion % - No way can that lad every feature in a United shirt.

  2. Joey is a trouble causing idiot that would bring a negative to the United midfield!! Whilst I am the first to admit that he does have a few 'midfield general' like attributes, he just is not good enough to pull on a united shirt. Should we pick him up it will no doubt cause unrest which will end in SAF shipping him off for undermining everything great about MUFC. Barton is a disgrace, a subpar player and an utter tw*t. He would prob fit in the SPL or championship..... which are both a similar level!!

  3. I totally agree, ship him off to Celtic or Rangers.

  4. i'm still looking for the quote from Fergie saying "we don't want Barton under any circumstances" or thereabouts ...otherwise that's one hell of a misleading title you have

    don't want him at united, too close to Fletcher in style, too far in character

  5. Jon,

    The headline was a mistake, an honest one.

  6. Same characteristics as Rooney so would fit right in


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