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Phil Jones: First of many new arrivals? Fergie building for United's future...

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The transfer news is really hotting up amidst reports that Phil Jones, 19, is having a medical ahead of a £17m transfer to the champions. United are also being strongly linked to Ashley Young, 25, along with Luka Modric, 25, Wesley Sneijder, 26, and Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea, 20.

United have a policy of not signing players over the age of 27 and if we are to believe the latest batch of transfer rumours then it looks like the club will once again be buying players who will have a resale value in the future.

The jury might be out on the likes of Ashley Young, but there appears to be a growing consensus about Phil Jones; Wayne Rooney says the Blackburn defender was one of the toughest he'd played against last season. Jones is only 5ft 8in, but he can play in central defence or in midfield, but you wonder if Fergie has plans to play him at right-back and if that is the case then the United manager might well be plotting to move the da Silva twins into midfield.

Whatever happens, it certainly looks like Ferguson is buying some solid building blocks for United's future. Bring it on.

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  1. Was actually hoping for bigger, more marquee signings.

    I still remember how I almost lost my mind when we signed forlan, veron and RVN. I know that they didn't all do well (esp Veron) but they were the type of signings that got fans excited.

    The year we signed evra, vidic, park and VDS was much, much less exciting and I was thinking (excluding VDS)that we were scraping the barrel to find great deals and not necessarily great players. I even remember asking a friend, "who the fuck is vidic and can't we do better?"

    Of course fergie made me look like a idiot for ever doubting those signings, but I'm still hoping for a couple of exceptionally exciting buys. Sneijder would be one of them.

  2. We've got a wealth of talent coming through the ranks as the FA Youth Cup win shows. These lads as well as the likes of Smalling, Chicarito and probably Jones are the future of the club for many years to come. I still think we need an established midfielder to bridge the gap but the future's bright; the future's red!

  3. we need Wesley Sneijder.

    we lack capacity in central midfield and the Dutchman will be magnificent signing.

    we also need left winger - alexis sanchez would be very nice addition as well as samir nasri. i prefer the latter. hope his contract negotiation with arsenal will fail (but at the same time i think it is not highly probable) and we lend him

    two weeks ago there was intense rumours about david de gea, but no transfer yet. what going on?

  4. I'm hoping Sneijder comes too.... Modric is ok, but he's different from the Dutchman, he's better in the final third... the Spurs player is good at retaining possession, but not so good at scoring goals.

  5. As for David de Gea - you have to believe this transfer is in the bag - why else would Fergie pre-announce the deal before it was done?

  6. Phil Jones is a good signing. From Blackburn's point of view, you have to wonder about Steve Kean's and 'We've-Got-Ambitions' Venky's thinking is because he was one of their best players last season.

    I may be the only one to think that we messed up big time when we let Real Madrid sign Nuri Sahin (only 6.5 million euro buyout clause), the guy can really pass.

    Now we will have to pay a high price for Sneijder/Modric, and pay the price we NEED to. I'd tear out my hair if we start the following season without a proper playmaker.

  7. I think with Phil Jones,we still need a couple of players to fix the gab in midfield.

  8. Actually Jones is nearer 5'11 than 5'8 as James Ryddal reported earlier.

  9. anon,

    Not according to soccerbase...

  10. Dave,

    Agreed. On the subject of sinking without a trace.... you have to wonder how much longer Bebe will be sticking around....

  11. as for Bebe, there are rumours that he is a part of bigger deal.

    probably you know that story but anyway.

    Bebe's deal involved Jorje Mendes, Portuguese football agent and he took a nice percentage of Bebe's 7.4 million valuation.

    So supposedly we get one of his other clients either with discount or we have a guarantee we get someone. That someone can be Mourinho at the end of next season.

  12. I hope that Sneijder will join Man United ..

  13. Anon,

    That's a nice rumour about Bebe...there's no doubt about it, something fishy went on..

  14. According to the BBC, Jones is 5ft 9' or 1.8 m.


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