Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fergie's spending looks set to continue, but Berbatov likely to lead star exodus....

Sir Alex Ferguson has been busy in this summer's transfer window; the club has already signed Phil Jones, and back in May the manager took the unusual step of announcing the expected arrival of Spanish stopper David de Gea.

According to the latest reports, Ashley Young has passed a medical and so it is only a matter of time before he signs a deal reported to be worth around £17m; once those transfers have been completed it will mean Fergie has spent over £50m this summer and if we are to believe the rumour mill, then United will make at least one more signing before the window closes.

Despite his comments at the beginning of June that he wants to stay with Inter Milan, United are still being strongly linked with Wesley Sneijder, who earlier this week responded to speculation about joining the champions when saying "we shall see"...

While United fans will be hoping Sneijder is the final piece of the jigsaw, they will also no doubt be anticipating one or two star exits. Given the manager's spending thus far, it is a racing certainty that the Glazer family will expect Fergie to at least make a stab at balancing the books. Despite finishing joint leading goal-scorer in the Premier League, Dimitar Berbatov will almost certainly be off-loaded, but at this point in time it appears any would be suitors are hanging back - no doubt hoping to sign the player for a knockdown fee.

Wes Brown and Darron Gibson have been linked with summer moves, but as of yet there's nothing definite.

Despite the expected departure of Berbatov, if United sign De Gea and Sneijder then
the manager and everyone connected with the club will have good reason to be confident about the challenges ahead.


  1. Sneijder wont sign, he is using this interest in him to get a better at Milan. That move will not happen

    Which now begs the question who will be the big aquisition in centralMid? is AYoung the big one?

    Modric deal has fallen away; Sneijder deal - fallen away; Sanchez Deal - fallen away; which leaves some questions to be asked - if (& accepted it's a big if) the money is there to spend, then why are we not attracting these players? Is it the deals on offer? Is it David Gill/SAF? is it the weather?

    Why do these players not want to come; even looking back through the years we've had some big links to big players, even when we know the cash is there - but they've not come; Players are made here - but with a pan-european wide view, they never came here. Maybe the biggest i can remember was Seba Veron; the rest have all been pretty bespoke.

    I would love to hear some constructive thoughts on the pro's and con's of Manchester United?

  2. There were reports that Sanchez chose Barca despite better personal terms from both Manchester clubs...

  3. So are you inferring that in general European players choose other European clubs because of:
    1) Better Football? (i would argue)
    2) Better Lifestyle? (Cannot argue)
    3) Better Manager? (Debateable)
    4) Better Weather? (For sure)
    5) All of these? (Discussion point)
    And is it these things that prevent Manchester (as a whole)from preventing big name signings?

    I include ManCity because for all the love N money in the world they too seem to struggle to retain their big name signings (once they get them) If anything the noisy neighbours seem to have attracted mercenaries’?

    However they too appear to struggle with signings?

  4. To the first comment.........Some constructive thoughts for you........Forget making predictions......Are you Allan (2 left feet Green.....we never let in play...he was that bad)?.....Sneijder.....will sign......Leave it to the do not win every do not sign every player.....Basically.....You are a very lonely Football Numptie

  5. It is a bit early to talk about deals falling through. The transfer window in Europe doesn't open til July 1st and still has two months to run. While any deal for Modric, Sneijder or Sanchez will be hard to complete they are all still in play.

    If the Modric deal falls through it will be because Spurs are determined not to sell (it would classify them as a feeder club,who sell their best players once and for all) and because Modric and his family is settled in London and doesn't want to move to Manchester.

    The Sneijder deal is about money. He is the highest paid player in Seria A and with the low £ and high tax rate in the UK, either United would have to make him the highest paid player on the team or Sneijder would have to take a pay cut in order for us to sign him.

    As for Sanchez, with Young confirmed, unless Nani and Berbatov are on the way out where does United play him? Plus with Udinese turning down Barcelona's latest offer and Sanchez refusing to play with Man City, United are still in with a shout.

    True United have been linked to many top players over the years, few who where signed by United. But for the most part they are linked by the press trying to sell papers and not really seriously pursued by United.

    Also United usually never buy the finished article, established stars at the top of their game. It's not the United way, they normally buy young talented players with great potential and develop them into players that reach their potential.

  6. yano the so called big name signing we need i dont think we need! theres a few players who are very young probably cheaper and just as good as sneijder or modric what about marvin martin or javi martinez or juan mata or even thiago alcantara these players are just a good and could easily do a job at united

  7. Anon,

    Some interesting names there... you do wonder if Fergie will spring a surprise and sign one of the trio....

  8. The reason for United not being able to attract the biggest players (unless they have a soft spot for United personally..) is:

    - Money
    (United has never offered the best wages, as playing for a club of this size should matter just as much.) I support the policy wholeheartedly, but it DOES make it difficult to attract (and KEEP) certain players. Ref. Tevez, Robben (when he went to Chelsea) etc.

    - Climate
    Warm and sunny Spain or Italy, vs cold, rainy and windy Manchester? Come on.

    - City
    Again; Manchester vs London, Milano, Barcelona etc.. One could argue those cities have more to offer. Housing, climate, things on offer for their wives etc.

    - Style of football
    Some players pick clubs based on the leagues they'll play in. Even though the Premiership is known as one of the best leagues in the world, it's also known that it's a high tempo, and a very physical league. Not all players like (or fit) that style of play. Serie A (slow and tactical) and the Primera (passing/possession oriented, and highly technical) are leagues that appeal to a certain breed of players. Imagine Andrea Pirlo trying to dominate a game against hardworking teams like Bolton or Blackburn? Class would probably prevail, but still.. It's probably more tempting to measure oneself against sides like Napoli or Atletico.

    It all boils down to what type of players United are looking for. Players with flair and technique, are primarily found in southern countries. These players tend to enjoy their climate, and are not that proficient in the english language either.

    I think Sneijder would be a perfect fit for United, and I would love for him to come. I'm not sure how he feels about lesser wages and the different climate though... :)


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