Saturday, May 07, 2011

CL Final tickets: How could Platini get it so wrong?

I don't often laugh out loud concerning football matters, but I did recently when I heard UEFA big wig Michel Platini hint that one of the reasons ticket prices for this year's Champions League Final at Wembley are so expensive is because it might deter ticket touts; is he having a laugh, I thought to myself?!!

This year's final at Wembley between United and Barca is a touts' paradise. A cursory search around the net today returned the following results: Cheapest ticket £925, most expensive £3075.

All tickets have now been 'sold' but they were available in three price categories: Category 1 – £300; Category 2 – £225 (or £338 for a youth package comprising one adult and one child); Category 3 – £150; and Wheelchair £80.

The cheapest tickets (Category 3) for the Rome final at £80 now look affordable. It doesn't alter the fact that sky-high cost of the 2011 final tickets is nothing short of a total disgrace.

To add insult and more pain, there was also a £26 admin fee per two-ticket booking – or £36 outside Europe – this was justified by the robbers' spokesman who said it because "costs are involved".

My 1999 Champions League final ticket cost me £12. I kid you not. Oh how things have changed and it doesn't seem like yesterday. Needless to say, I will be watching this year's final on TV.


  1. Worst of all, these corrupt pigs, have the powers to re-elect each other again and again into the highest positions and there is nothing we can do to break the ring of corruption. I heard just yesterday that unanimously UEFA had voted to reinstate Blater as head of World corruption in football (FIFA). God knows where the 2026 world cup be,,,, Afghanistan???

  2. Its "not a laughing matter" but I understand the sentiment of the author, the pure sickner for me is the split of the tickets.Where is the fairness in giving 25 thousand tickets to United and the same to Barcelona, for the 'suits' and corporates to receive the same!
    You could not invent this !

  3. You couldn't make it up. Platini = utterly and totally clueless.

  4. When is this blog going to get on twitter? I've been reading you guys for years but I'm too lazy to ever actually post and discuss articles.

  5. I don't really see the point of Twitter unless you're a complete lightweight like Rio Ferdinand :0)

  6. Ha, yeah, I understand why people aren't interested in twitter. I was a skeptic for a while. I just find it useful now to have all my blogs/favourite websites all in one little timeline for convenience.
    I normally read this blog every day or so, but sometimes I forget for weeks at a time so need the reminder!
    Celebrity "tweets" like Rio's aren't so interesting, although reading rival fans sending them abuse can be quite amusing.

  7. why you all going on about Twitter on a United blog??? theres a place you can talk about Twitter all day long, its called.... Twitter
    United to slay the Catalans

  8. "United to slay the Catalans". It sounds like a right load of shite and if contributions amount to less than a text message, what is the point?


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