Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swearing and the FA: One rule for United, another for the rest?

So then, according to reports "King Kenny" Dalglish will not be punished for swearing in front of a TV camera. What a surprise, not.

Daglish told Arsene Wenger to P*ss off during Sunday's clash with Arsenal in front of a global TV audience of millions. And yet the Liverpool manager will escape any further action. Compare and contrast the punishment dished out to Wayne Rooney who swore into the camera and yet the United striker was given a two game ban; one which conveniently meant that he missed last weekend's FA Cup semi-final with Manchester City. No wonder United fans are asking if the FA is rotten to the core and corrupt because David Bernstein just happens to be Man City's former chairman.

Following the Rooney incident there was a media campaign to get the player banned. It seemed the FA went looking for reasons why they could ban Rooney, but there was nothing which specifically stated anyone should receive a ban for swearing. It has been the exact opposite where Dalglish is concerned; the FA is looking for reasons why the Liverpool manager should NOT be banned... this is clearly selective and arguably unfair justice.

United fans don't want Dalglish banned and we didn't want Rooney banned, because as every sensible commentator said at the time, this would open up a can of worms and so it has.

As things stand, the FA stand charged as a bunch of double dealing / self serving hypocrites. If Rooney was banned for swearing then surely there has to be consistency and so Dalglish has to be banned too. But do not hold your breath.

Here's a prediction: The FA will eventually ban another player or manager, but it will be an act of tokenism and when it happens it will be someone with a lower profile. This action - if ever happens - will not justify the FAs unfair selective justice on this issue. As things stand, it is one rule for United and another for the rest.


  1. Let this one lie. I think United fans (of which I am one) should remove our blinkers. WR swore into a camera, deliberately. KD was swearing at another adult, not into a camera. The only similarity is that they were both 'caught on camera', but, come one, surely you can see there is a difference?

    A player swears at himself 'oh you f-g c-t', a player swears at the ref 'oh you f-g c-t'... i think we can see that it is identical language, but in all probability the only one at risk of a card is the second player....

    Let it lie fellow

  2. Let it lie fellow my arse. This is double standards and it simply is not fair.

  3. PS you don't happen to work for the FA do you?

  4. So, using Rooney as the yardstick, why haven't the FA taken action against West Ham's Gabbidon for his four-letter Twitter rant against fans?

    Is it because Rooney's at United, who are loathed by the FA, and the other two are at clubs with huge administrative and media influence, Liverpool and West Ham?

  5. let it lie? You beleive you are a united fan. The rule in which rooney was banned states the following. "Any player/manager which uses foul abusive or derogitory language that could be seen to bring the game into disripute may be given a suspension/touchline ban" top and bottom of it the rules dont say if rooney blows his top in front of a camera let him have it. The fa have made a rod for there own back. The week after john terry goes up to the referee and should in his face "the was a f**king penalty" he knows that he will be on camera its the first thing the camera men do every time when therre is an incident in the box' follow the rules its a straight red. But nothing KD does it at arsene with the camera right next to him he gets nothing. Crouch does it the weekafter to the ref he gets nothing. Thentrevor brooking then comes out and state that the rules needs clarifying because some swearing is indirect some isdirect. Well thats fine corrupt fa re write the rules to screw rooney. Its not fair they all brought the game in to disripute they all should go


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