Monday, April 04, 2011

FA boss and City fan Bernstein behind groundbreaking Rooney ban?

Fans and pundits alike are wondering if new FA boss and former Manchester City chairman David Bernstein has intervened to ensure that Wayne Rooney misses the FA Cup semi-final with the club that he still follows.

Rooney made the mistake of appearing to swear in full view of the TV cameras after completing his hat-trick against West Ham on Saturday. Having "reviewed" the incident the FA have broken new ground when banning Rooney for two matches and as a result the United striker is likely to miss Saturday's game with Fulham as well as the FA Cup semi-final with Manchester City....

As far as we know, no player has ever been banned for swearing and so this is new ground for the FA and players alike. From now on, can we expect the FA to review every incident in which a player is caught on TV swearing? Or is it the case that Rooney is being used as an example because he plays for Manchester United?

As ever it seems it's one rule for United players and another for the rest...


  1. I find it somewhat ironic that Bernstein is the man who driving the FAs respect campaign and it was his former company French Connection who came up with that slogan FCUK - it might have been very popular with teenagers, but respectful it was not. Bernstein is one big hypocrite as are the FA.

  2. Rooney should stick two fingers up to the FA and England.

  3. Brian Woolnough got his wish from the FA he's always been ABU. The show he does on SKY SPORTS on Sunday morning (The Sunday Supplement)he was trying to get the other journalist's to get him banned, but they wouldn't come onto his side. He's a Tw*t along with the FA lot.,,12382_6850191,00.html

  4. Well, whilst I do accept hypocrisy is rife within football, I cannot and will not accept that Rooney is somehow innocent. The man is a foul mouthed yob. Pure and simple.

    I agree with the excellent sports writer, Martin Samuels. The sports writer of the year. Who posed the question to Rooney. If he is angry after scoring a magnificent hat trick, if he cannot smile after that accomplishment then he is better off quiting and getting on with something that will give him happiness.

    I abhor the spitting, emptying of the nasal passages and the constant filthy language of players. They are, God forbid, role models for young kids and you can see the result on those kids when you see them react when you watch youth football.

    I was hoping that the FA would ban him for the rest of the season and that Manchester United would have also fined him two months wages.

    Incidentally Brian Clough never tolerated his players swearing or harrassing a referee. He even tamed Kenny Burns! Now he was a manager who maintained standards and respect.

  5. Hey, strapon you can't be a UTD fan if you want wazza banned for the rest of the season are you a scouser and as for kids swearing on the local park they've been doing it for years. I'm a UTD fan and have been for 43 years and want him on the pitch not banned. The UTD hate campaign never stops all the London tabloids and doesn't end there it continues over to the England games southern boo boys every time UTD player touches the ball. If were going to ban him then lets do it for the England games.

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  7. Anonymous. You obviously accept disgraceful behaviour. That is your right. I cannot and that is mine.

    Most people would support my line. Your defence based on the rather ridiculous 'Southerners hate United' ignoring the fact that united fans give other clubs as good as they get, is to be frank, silly. Your suggestion that he be banned from England games and not United's is ridiculous in the extreme. What team was he playing for when he committed the act?

    We are talking about personal responsibility- and Rooney has shown he has no idea what that is.

    I thought you may like to read another comment from the excellent ' The Slog blog'. ( :-

    "I remember being amused many years ago when Arsenal’s John Radford, after a Wembley Cup Final, was overheard on live roaming TV camera saying to his fans “We did this for you, yer f**kin’ heroes”. More recently, when Sir Steve Redgrave finally crossed the line to win his fourth Olympic gold medal, a miked BBC reporter rushed to his side and asked, “Howzzit feel Steve?” Redgrave said, without missing a beat, “If I say I’m going to do this again, f**king shoot me”.

    In the first case, Radford had no idea he was near a mike – and he was, after all, paying tribute to the fans. I also doubt if Redgrave knew he was on telly, or indeed who on earth the wellwisher was: the point is, he was exhausted and disoriented.

    Compare and contrast this now with Wayne Rooney the Manchester United striker. Last Saturday, on completing a hat-trick, he ran to the nearest camera and bellowed into the mike, “F**k off”. Nice. The FA has responded by banning him for two games – one of which is the crucial semi-final Derby between United and City.

    As a United fan of 54 years standing, I cannot explain how angry I am about Rooney’s behaviour, because if United lose to the Blues later this month, my life will not be worth living. But more generally, the behaviour is so indicative of our culture, it’s not funny. The key points here are knowingly giving offence (no consideration for others), screaming into a Sky mike (no consideration of the consequences), and professional behaving like baby (no consideration of financial loss to club).

    Whether potato-heads like our Wayne learn this sort of behavioural incontinence from politicians, the media, rioters, Scouse drunks, tabloid celebs, the Manager or their parents is not of that much interest to me, if only because life has taught me it’ll be a combination of all those things. But it does highlight what our citizens need to have rewired into them: taking personal responsibility". end of quote!

    I could not have written it better. You see, Anonymous, most people have standards. Rooney appears not to have any.

  8. strapon, you obviously don't watch the the England games then! Wazza has been swearing many times playing for England so why has the FA not sorted their own house out first by banning him as you can see in the video link below.
    I'm sorry that I can't accept that you are a UTD fan your a imposter for wanting Wazza banned for the rest of the season, your Clown.

  9. Strapworld,

    I have to agree that wanting one of your own player's banned for the remainder of the season is wrong.

    IMO Rooney shouldn't have been banned for two games - that was excessive given no one has ever been banned for swearing.

  10. Mr Rydell. Drogba was!

    I also support Sir Clive Woodward who has been extremly critical of Sir Alex Ferguson's control of his players.

    How can someone who believes in standards be wrong? Please explain.

  11. Is it just me or are the FA encroaching on Rooneys freedom of speech? The European Convention on Human Rights, Article 10. I think United should look into it and set a precedent for curtailing the FA's insistence on meddling with trivial matters that have no bearing on the game. The camera that was in Rooneys face whilst he 'expressed' himself is only the result of the FA's dealings with the broadcasting companies. Since any chastising of peoples emotions is clearly at odds with the society we live in they should perhaps divert their controlling sentiments towards the broadcasting companies and insist they take responsibility for editing unsuitable material before airing it. W*%*ers.

  12. Strapworld,

    Drogba hasn't been banned for swearing as far as I know. Rooney deserved to be punished but two games was OTT.

    Woodward should stick to rugger. I don't much care for his opinion.

  13. Mr Rydell,

    You now accept that Rooney deserved to be punished.

    Check your facts on Drogba. I think Sir Clive Woodward has proved his mettle in management, winning the Rugby World Cup in Australia! Rugby is a far more physical sport than football, in which more players suffer serious injuries, yet strangely respect the referee. Football could learn much from rugby. You may not care for his opinion, which I find quite a ridiculous comment, but his comments cannot be ignored. I do not live in a vacuum but consider opinions from across the board, as most people should.

  14. strapon, you obviously don't know what your talking about Drogba was banned for his aggressive behaviour towards the ref at the end of the game and not for the fact that he was swearing into the camera calling Inter (F*cking cheats)so get your footballing facts right before you start on your I'm right all the time bile.

    Drogaba link

  15. I’m so angry about Rooney shouting in the TV cam. I think we should sell him. As a personal christian, I cannot except such behaviour. We could give him to City in exchange for Adebayour. Then we’d have the perfect line-up:

    Van der Saar;Neville-Ferdinand-Vidic-Evra;Scholes-Hargreaves;Ronaldo-Anderson-Nani;Adebayour

    GO UNITED!!!

  16. Ronaldo doesn't play for united you t*t and why shouldn't Rooney be allowed to express himself in whatever way he likes?! I agree with TJB in that the tv companies should take responsibility for what they air. The FA need to take responsibility for that too since it is their deal with the TV companies that has no regulatory systems in place.


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