Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Goodbye Gary Neville, you have nothing more to prove...

The sight of Gary Neville making mistakes and being held accountable hasn't been a pretty one, as has sadly been the case following his limited appearances this season. It had been widely predicted that Neville would retire at the end of the curent season, but that decision has been taken early with the news that the former England defender has hung up his boots today.

Even though it was invetiable that Neville was going to retire sooner rather than later, it is nonetheless sad. It may yet prove to be a slightly premature end; no doubting Fergie wanted Neville to carry on, not least because there might well be the odd game when the team needs his valuable experience in the battles which lie ahead.

This blog will be posting more in another update on Gary Neville's glittering United career.


  1. JR

    Gary Neville is his own man. Perhaps this could be linked to the many rumours, especially in the London area, that he is SKY SPORTS bound.

    I hope so, he is an articulate young man with a great knowledge of the game and tactics. I read, sometime ago, that he had his coaching badges.

    The statement that could also be another pointer was Gill's- when he spoke about coaching possibilities.

    Whatever happens I wish him well. Terrific full back for club and country.

  2. It was either retire soon or come to the Old Yeller moment.

    He'll be missed.

  3. Strap,

    I don't know how good Nev would be as a presenter to be honest, I have my doubts...

    But, yes, he will be missed.

    In particular, I will miss him getting under the Scousers skin.

  4. Neville is perhaps the finest example in english football of a player who truly loves his club. He loves United with a passion. He hates everyone else with a passion. He was like one of us playing for our heroes and like us he never missed a chance to talk smack about our rivals.

    In a week where we have heard again and again from Liverpool/Newcastle fans about loyalty and loving a club. Take a look at Neville. He may not have been as professional as Giggs but he truly loves his club and would die for United.

  5. Dave,
    I agree with you. You have to give Fergie a great deal of credit in some ways, because those lads who came through the ranks together like the Neville's, Beckham, Scholes and Gigs were brought up the United way via a system where the first team mixed with the younger lads at the Cliff; they were given an excellent football education that included what it meant to play for United. It must have helped rubbing shoulders with winners like Bruce and Robson et al.

    The class of '92 had to prove themselves before they were considered to be top players and that is happening less these days to an extent and a result "stardom" often takes over.

    Stardom was never an issue with Neville or come to that any of the class of '92 and you can include Beckham in that because he's always been totally dedicated.

  6. It is certainly going to be sad to see him go. He has been a great servant for this club and it will be interesting to see whether he goes into being a football pundit now or management.

    I for one would love to see him discuss a Liverpool game. heh.

    Best of luck in the future Gary if you're reading this.

    p.s. I've just seen that Febian Brandy might be joining Preston as he is on trial there, some of their fans wanted Man U fans opinions.

    I thought would should have maybe held onto this lad. I can't believe he hasn't been snapped up by now.

  7. Awesome
    Gary Neville will be missed. Still remember how he kissed the United Badge when we beat Liverpool. A United Legend, Gary Neville.

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