Friday, January 28, 2011

Who is your Player of the Season so far?

There have been a number of contributions to Manchester United's currently unbeaten Premier League campaign but who has been your player of the season so far?

Perhaps its Dimitar Berbatov who has started to justify the £30m paid for him by becoming the league's leading goalscorer or maybe its Ryan Giggs who, despite turning 37 years of age in November, is still as crucial a player now as he ever has been.

Nemanja Vidic, the captain, continues to produce the level of consistency needed to keep strikers at bay and to win titles - does he get your vote?

Who is your Player of the Season so far?


  1. Is Gibson an option? Ok, just joking.

    While Berbatov has done great this year, I will go with Vidic. Vidic's greatest work will still be ahead of him with two matches v. Chelski, away at the Emirates and Anfield, and a host of UCL matches.

  2. In my books, it's an easy choice: Nemanja Vidic.

  3. Hey, have you killed James and shoved him in your freezer? I believe that laws exist against that kind of thing.

    My vote goes to Vidic.

  4. ...from deep within the bowls of a freezer, James Ryddel is heard to shout "Vidic".

    Vidic has been the most consistent player this seson.

  5. No killing has taken place but I can confirm that James is now defrosting and will be thawed in time to provide some analysis of the Southampton FA Cup game...

    I think Vidic has been superb this season so it's difficult to look beyond him for player of the season.

    It's been nice to see Anderson and Nani step up to the mark this season though.


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