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Transfer analysis: Fergie's deals since Glazer takeover, 'lack of value' was rarely a factor in the past...

Much has been said and written about Ferguson's transfer dealings following the Glazer family takeover, here we present you with the names, reported transfer fees, and dates of the deals which have taken place since 2005.

The contents of this post cannot be viewed as definitive, because we can only go off the information which is in the public domain. There has been occasions for a variety of reasons, when the buying and or selling club do not want to publish the actual transfer fees; take the case of Nani and Anderson, as far as we know and according to Reuters, United have agreed to pay their respective club's up to £17.3m each, but the figures have never been confirmed in part no doubt due to certain conditions in the players contract being met.

Irrespective of 100% accurate hard facts, especially concerning deals at the lower end of the scale, our information can used as a broad outline of what has actually happened in the last six seasons since the Glazer family takeover.

In an earlier post we outlined Ferguson dealings for the whole of his 24 year period in charge of United, but at the time of writing, we haven't yet added the date column to that post. However, what we do know is that from the late 90s to 2005 the United manager spent heavily and often.

Fergie routinely broke transfer records prior to 1998; the transfer fees for players like Keane (£3.75) and Ince (£1m) look modest at today's prices. Ferguson, really started spending heavily when he acquired Stam in 1998. What followed was yet another golden period of success in which United won that historic treble; but while money will always be a major factor when it comes to success and winning trophies at at club like United it is only one weapon in the manager's armoury.

Events have proven that some of Fergie's biggest transfers have proven to be gambles; the case of Juan Veron is the most obvious, by common consensus, his time in English football was a low point in his otherwise brilliant career. You could also question the value of Berbatov up and until the current season, but thankfully he is now coming good.

Even though transfer fees have rocketed since the late 90s, Fergie has always been prepared to break records in pursuit of glory, but this situation appears to have changed markedly in the last two seasons when Ferguson has often bemoaned 'lack of value' in the transfer market. One can only come to the conclusion that Ferguson has been told he can no longer compete at the higher end of the market.

When you look at the two sets of figures below, they also highlight the high turnover of players - which in itself is startling - the failure rate will be the same at many leading clubs, but it highlights just how difficult it is to make it at United.

IF you look at our figures, Fergie has spent just over £6m per season (net), which is quite remarkable given the success the club has enjoyed since 2005. Hopefully, this perceived lack of value will not hinder the manager when the search for new blood starts again next summer when a major clear-out is anticipated.

Incoming transfers since the takeover in 2005...

IN 2010-2011 Transfer FeeDate
Javier Hernandez£10,000,00015/07/2010
Anders Lindegaard£3,500,00001/01/2011
Antonio Valencia£16,000,00030/06/2009
Michael OwenFree03/07/2009
Gabriel Obertan£3,000,00008/07/2009
Chris Smalling£10,000,00001/07/2010
Mame Biram DioufUndisclosed17/07/2009
Dimitar Berbatov£30,750,00001/09/2008
Zoran TosicUndisclosed01/01/2009
Ritchie de LaetUndisclosed08/01/2009
Rafael da SilvaUndisclosed01/07/2008
Fabio da SilvaUndisclosed02/07/2008
*Carlos TevezFREE04/08/2007
Manucho PetroUndisclosed01/01/2008
Michael Carrick£18,600,00031/07/2006
Owen Hargreaves£17,000,00001/07/2007
Tomasz KuszczakUndisclosed02/07/2007
Ji-Sung Park£4,000,00005/07/2005
Ben Foster£1,000,00019/07/2005
Nemanja Vidic£7,000,00004/01/2006
Patrice Evra£5,500,00010/01/2006

*United reportedly had to pay the Carlos Tevez camp £10m for his two year loan spell, however, this figure has not been included in our figures.

Outgoing transfers 2010-2011Transfer FeeDate
David GrayFree16/07/2010
Craig CathcartUndisclosed11/08/2010
Rodrigo PossebonUndisclosed19/08/2010
James ChesterUndisclosed07/01/2011
Cristiano Ronaldo£80,000,00001/07/2009
Daniel GalbraithFree01/07/2009
Lee MartinIpswich06/07/2009
Fraizer Campbell£3,500,00011/07/2009
Carlos TevezNo fee14/07/2009
Richard EckersleyBurnley15/07/2009
Danny SimpsonUndisclosed20/01/2010
Ben Foster£6,000,00018/05/2010
Zoran TosicUndisclosed15/06/2010
Tom HeatonFree16/06/2010
Robert ZielerFree01/07/2010
Michael LeaFree04/07/2008
Ritchie JonesFree04/07/2008
Chris EaglesUndisclosed29/07/2008
Mikael SilvestreFree20/08/2008
Louis SahaFREE01/09/2008
Kieran Richardson£5,500,00016/07/2007
Giuseppe RossiUndisclosed31/07/2007
Daniel RoseUndisclosed01/08/2007
Alan Smith£6,000,00003/08/2007
Gabriel HeinzeUndisclosed23/08/2007
Phil MarshFree05/09/2007
Adam EckersleyFree01/01/2008
Ryan Shawcross£1,000,00017/01/2008
Phil Bardsley£2,000,00022/01/2008
Kieran LeeFree22/05/2008
Gerard Pique£5,000,00027/05/2008
Quinton FortuneFree26/07/2006
Van Nistelrooy£11,000,00028/07/2006
Luke SteeleUndisclosed11/08/2006
Paul McShaneFREE23/08/2006
Liam MillerFree31/08/2006
David Jones£1,000,00004/01/2007
Tim Howard£3,000,00014/02/2007
Daniel NardielloFree25/06/2005
Paul TierneySigned29/06/2005
Michael StewartSigned30/06/2005
Phil Neville£3,500,00004/08/2005
Jose Kleberson£2,500,00008/08/2005
Roy KeaneFree15/12/2005
David FoxFree20/01/2006
Colin HeathSigned31/01/2006
Neil WoodFree31/01/2006
Phil PickenFree25/05/2006
Tommy LeeFree04/06/2006
Jonathan Spector£500,00015/06/2006
Eddie JohnsonFree23/06/2006



    This site does a decent job of keeping track of transfer expenditure of all PL teams. The transfer league table showing net spend had won me a couple of arguments against Liverpool fans.

  2. Reyals,

    Thanks. I have just looked at your link and there appears to be a few errors.

    Firstly, the Tosic fee was never confirmed but according to TL it was £5m...that figure cannot be relied upon.

    Secondly, the fees for Anderson and Nani were reported by Reuters to be £17.3m apiece; TL suggests considerably less and I know which source is more credible...

    With that stated, I've noticed we have no figures for Diouf so that is our bad...

  3. We need to add the Da Silva twins too...

  4. Reyals,

    We have added the missing players, however, in all three cases the fee was undisclosed....

  5. the figures were unaffected from the original post.

  6. Please report any futher omissions or errors.


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