Saturday, January 01, 2011

Should Fergie have moved for Beckham, another missed opportunity?

IF we are to believe Ferguson, then United will not be making any new signings this January transfer window. Time will tell if this turns out to be another missed opportunity. United missed out in the summer when Spurs signed Rafael van der Vaart for a knockdown transfer fee and Saturday's morning sports headlines suggest rival boss Harry Redknapp could be about to sign David Beckham on-loan for three months.

United are not exactly blessed with an array of class midfield players right now and so the addition of Beckham would definitely bolster the manager's attacking options. As we saw against Birmingham on Tuesday night, United currently lack cover on the flanks due to the absence of Park who is away on international duty and Valencia who won't be back until the end of February, at the earliest. Nani also missed the trip to St Andrews, but he should be back today when United travel to the Hawthorns where they will hopefully start the new year with a much needed away win.

Perish the thought of Beckham helping Spurs to three points when United travel to White Hart Lane on January 16th.


  1. While it is a touch choice, surely the players would appreciate the vote of confidence this decision brings.

  2. IF you've been watching United in the first-half at West Brom, you may well revise your opinion... United have been out-played, out-thought and WBA want it more. United look awful and they must improve quickly or else....

  3. After having just watched the match, I do see what you mean. Although, when I wrote that comment I did think Nani was fit enough to play, which would have added much more.

    In the long run though, I still believe it's important to stick to the batch you have.

    Not faithful to the point of disaster mind you, but there's no need to go all Man City on this and start trying to buy a championship team. It does a lot for confidence to know that you're not being ousted by a new aquisition.

    With the recovery of Valencia coinciding with the return of Park and hopefully Nani, it should be but a mere bump in the road.

  4. Jesse,

    I do take your point about instilling confidence of the existing players, but as we saw today United were dreadful for 60 minutes. Part of the problem was lack of quality service from the wide positions, but it's true that Evra supplied that cross for the opening goal, but we need more of that...

    How we managed to win the that game is something of a minor mystery.

    I must admit that I don't have a great deal of faith in the squad especially in central midfield and I wholeheartedly agreed with Rooney who spoke out about the need to bring in some genuine quality.

  5. Your original post pertains to whether or not we should bolster the wings with a purchase, and my following comments mention the current situation with the wingers; so if we do disagree on anything, it's in that department.

    However, in regards to central midfield, you're spot on. Carrick hasn't been stepping up to the mark as of late, and I've never really been a fan of Anderson. As for Fletcher, well, he'll never be able to run a game, but as a foil for Scholes or an on-form Carrick, I enjoy his enthusiasm and energy.

    The inbalance is quite shocking really, having so many strikers that we're loaning them out left right and centre, but at the same time lacking any sort of midfield depth. So in that regard, yes, they should bring in some new blood.

    "How we managed to win the that game is something of a minor mystery."

    *cough* choking at penalty spot *cough*

    Mystery solved. Lucky for us.

  6. Jesse,

    You're right, I started out by posting that we currently lack quality cover in the wide positions, which is true.

    In reference to confidence potentially being shaken; we should be alluding to Obertan as Giggs is a seasoned pro and so surely he'd accept his old team-mate coming back to bolster our ranks even if it's in the short-term? Personally, given our lack of cover on the flanks, I'd have taken Beckham providing his wage demands are not too high, but that is just my opinion.

    The problem is, Fergie has been getting his starting XI hopelessly wrong in the last two games, but in his defence, he has obvious concerns about the quality of our central midfield players and here we are in agreement.

    In relation to today's game: Neville should have been sent off when the score was 1-1 and WBA should have been awarded a first-half spot-kick. United got away with it and Fergie made amends for some of his shocking tactical decisions in the second-half.

    In summary, Neville should NOT be starting any games unless we are down to the bare bones. Anderson had a stinker today and yet he stayed on the pitch for 90 minutes, it beggars belief that he wasn't taken off along with Neville.

  7. Just two things to add:

    1) I live in the US and get to see Beckham play quite often. In case you haven't see him for a while I can attest to his slowness. The only threat he would pose would be on set pieces. Believe it or not, he is slower than G. Neville.

    2) While I think it's not fair to judge someone who hasn't played for two months, as match form depends on a consistent chance to play, can I be the first to suggest we forcefully hang up G. Neville's boots for him? I don't think any run in play will get him to a place where we won't be vunerable.

    Ok, let me add point three. Evra looked poor today, but I think that was due more to tiredness than to poor form.

    Last point, I promise. I will state the obvious here. Gibson, Fletch, Carrick, and Anderson all looked poor. Not surprising that they are our central midfield. Obertan looked bad too but he needs to have more chances to get into form before being judged so badly. The other four have no excuse.

    Happy new year to both of you and that's my two cents.

  8. Evgenni,

    1 & 2) Well I guess we will have to take your word on Beckham's lack of pace, but if he is slower than Neville that really is a concern.

    Let us not forget, it was Ferdinand who gave away that second half penalty, but he was marking the man that Neville should have been picking up - where I ask was Neville?

    When I stated that Fergie got it hopelessly wrong (again) today, I was in part referring to his decision to start with Neville. But yes, Neville shouldn't be starting any games and yes perhaps now is the time to hang up those boots.

    I didn't think Evra was that bad actually.

    But I aree with you in ref to Carrick and especially Anderson who didn't look interested at all.

    I cannot see United holding off the challenge of City with our midfield.

    Happy New Year to you too.

  9. Beckham is slow, but I would have welcomed him for the three months because I think he would have had offered some positives on the attacking end. Also, he is one of those players that can bail you out of a poor performance with one moment of brilliance from a set piece or cross--and I believe United will need to be bailed out of a few more poor performances this season.

    It would have been nice to see him wear the United shirt one more time as well, but I never, ever thought Ferguson would allow this to happen due to all of the hysteria that would no doubt surround such a move.

    Best wishes in 2011.

  10. Beckham has always lacked pace, it's his ability on the ball plus his his workrate that has made him the player that he has been. We will never know what might have been because it looks like a done deal to Spurs.


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