Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is ADAM for Manchester United.?

Anyone watching last evening's game between Man Utd and Blackpool would have been extremely impressed by Charlie Adam. His passing was simply superlative.

The first-half became the Adam show as he was spraying the ball about and, in my opinion, made Scholes look second best.

I wonder if Sir Alex, watching had his head turned by Adam? I wonder if he saw that this player possessed many of the qualities that have made Scholes such a great player. For twelve million, as it is reported, that Blackpool have put on Adams that would be good business. Adams could play alongside Scholes and/or Anderson. But he would provide another very useful corner and free kick opportunities.

For one, I would not be adverse to seeing Sir Alex splash the cash for this player.

The game was truly a 'game of two halves' but I do not think any player came out of the first half well at all. Our right back has certainly got to learn to stay on the post if he is placed there (The Blackpool second goal). Will it be Gibson's last game? He was hopeless.

Up front I do believe our Little Pea gives so much more alongside Berbatov than Rooney, at the moment, and should be given a longer run out. Rooney is certainly going through some internal strife and, possibly, needs guidance and help. He certainly is not firing on all cylinders.

But, let us face it, Giggs was magnificent, when he came on in the second half. What a player. Who is going to step into his boots?

Fergie got it all wrong in the first-half at Blackpool says James Ryddel


  1. Strap,

    Adams is a nailed on cert for Liverpool IMO.

  2. James Rydell.

    My mistake. It is ADAM!

    Do not forget that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was considered a cert for Southampton until Fergie stepped in!

    I happen to believe that Fergie must have been impressed by Adam last evening, and he would add much to Manchester United's midfield.

  3. Sorry, From Southampton to Arsenal. I am still dizzy after last night's come back.

  4. Strapworld,

    I have, somewhat belatedly, corrected your errors!

    But I don't know about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    The question is, does Fergie have a proverbial pot to piss in where transfer funds are concerned? I have my doubts.

  5. James,

    You are probably right. We get the same old same old from the club. Fergie has millions when he wishes to buy.

    We shall see.


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