Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rooney set to return to face boo boys?

So then, Wayne Rooney will be on the bench when United face Wigan later today; it's another interesting decision by Ferguson, who sent his talisman to Oregon last week for what has been described as "rehab".

Contrary to the views of his manager, Rooney has always maintained that he hasn't been injured this season, so only those involved will know why the player along with members of United's coaching staff were sent to North America (see the hilarious Special1 TV movie below for an alternative view).

However, Rooney is back and he's about to face the fans' who were less than impressed by his recent contract negotiation antics. In midweek, Ferguson was in Doha where he attended the ASPIRE4SPORT Conference and Exhibition, the Scot used the opportunity to tell the media that no one is bigger than the manager, he also had a pop at Paul Stretford, the player's agent.

If you cross Ferguson, there's usually only one winner and you cannot help but wonder if the manager's decision to start with Rooney on the bench is yet another set-piece - one which has been designed with the fans' in mind: imagine the scene, Rooney enters the action for the last 20 minutes and United are two-nil to the good, how will those fans' who were so angered at the prospect of a likely defection to Man City react to Rooney?

The fans' might not boo Rooney on his return, but the point is, the player will only know once he actually takes to the field - it's the thought of it actually happening that's the concern and you can bet Fergie will be secretly having a good giggle at Rooney who will be squirming throughout the afternoon until the moment of truth arrives.

Whatever happens today and whatever the reaction is, Rooney has some serious making up to do and it will be interesting to see how he handles the situation. Rooney is playing for his United future and his reputation - nothing less than full-out bollock busting performances will be accepted from now on.

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