Friday, November 05, 2010

Rooney off to USA prior to January sales?

So Wayne Rooney is being sent to Oregon for a week's conditioning; given United's facilities and in-house expertise and given Rooney has claimed there has been nothing wrong with him all season, then you have to wonder what is really going on here.

Despite the fact that Rooney decided to put pen to paper on that new five-year contract - in so doing performing a complete volte-face - the media and fans alike haven't really stopped talking about the player's future.

When news broke of Rooney's change of heart, everyone within Manchester United appeared to be delighted, at least they did on the face it; Ferguson and David Gill were happy to put on a united front for the world's media, but since then Rooney has been completely frozen out of the first-team picture.

Rooney was given time off to recover from what we were led to believe was a genuine injury following a tackle by Scholes in training, he was also given time off to patch up his marriage following the lurid allegations surrounding his private life.

The latest news that Rooney is being sent to the USA for 'conditioning' will without any doubt re-ignite speculation about his future, because the January transfer window is within sight.

According to United's latest medical bulletin, Rooney could be out for up to three weeks; there's talk that the home game with Wigan on November 20th is a likely return date - but only if this coming week goes to plan.

You have to wonder what is going on in the mind of Ferguson, there a several scenarios:

1) We are to believe what we are being told by the manager and his assistant

2) United are planning to sell Rooney in January - that is they are providing someone offers the right money - but for now, the player is being wrapped in cotton wool, hence his prolonged absence

3) Having been publicly humiliated over the Rooney saga, Ferguson is playing psychological games with the player - by freezing him out of the first-team he is telling his star striker he is not bigger than the club - the aim of the game is to make Rooney hungry for a first-team recall and to show who is boss

4) Ferguson is testing the mettle of his squad and gauging public support for the player who so openly questioned his management and outed him when he idirectly called him a liar

5) Ferguson is preparing for life after Rooney so that if and when the club receives a big money offer then he will know what those charged with scoring the goals can do.

Whatever the reason for Rooney's absence you can expect more speculation about his future over the coming days. Personally, I do not believe that Rooney is injured and so that leaves just four scenarios - it's probably a bit of all four.


  1. Only City has the money and audaciousness to buy a player in January who recently signed a 5 year contract.. But looking at Eastland club's state now, macini could be sacked in coming weeks, if city lose to united , then i think that will be the last straw.

    Looks like ferguson is teaching him a lesson

  2. City have the money all right and I'm not ruling a transfer.

  3. Mr Rydell,

    I cannot help but think that Rooney and his dear wife are not as united as they try to portray. If the press comments attributed to Mrs Rooney 'I can never trust him again' are correct then the chances of this marriage lasting are extremely slim. That must be playing on his mind. This could be one further reason Rooney is being shipped off to the States to, as some newspapers are reporting, 'Get his head sorted'!

    I have seen real hard men, in my past life, broken by their private emotional life. Men with far greater intelligence and experience in life than Rooney. It eats away their self confidence.Sadly on two occasions it resulted in suicide. Although they had been given as much help as we could.

    In Rooney's case there may be more, in the shadows he is aware of, that has not come out yet. That would be building up inside him. This prostitute thing and relationship with his wife could well break him.

    So, it may well be good business sense to sell him in January. Manchester United owe him absolutely no loyalty after what he did to them. His playing colleagues likewise. So off he may well go.

    And if Manchester City did offer a realistic bid for him I can see United selling him to them! That would be poetic justice for both Rooney and City!

  4. Cash Strapped,

    I agree with you, I left out the "get your head sorted out" scenario off the list, so yes you could well be right.

    I think it's probably a whole bunch of things as I alluded to in my post.

    City would appear to be the most likely destination and so it would be no great surprise if it happened, but rather than this January it might be next summer.

    I totally agree with your comments about loyalty.. good points well made.


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