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'Carry-on' Clattenburg: Nani 'goal' wouldn't have changed result - so please do stop carping...

IT was one of the funniest things that I've seen happen on a football pitch in a long while - arguably the funniest since Paul di Canio pushed over Paul Durkin and in something of an ironic twist, Harry Redknapp was indirectly involved in that particular incident too as he was the then West Ham manager: I am of course referring to Nani's much talked about goal against Spurs on Saturday.

In the wake of this controversy, Spurs manager Redknapp has, predictably, been carping to the press and just about anyone else who'd listen - as always happens following these perceived unjust incidents.

So in a bid to clear up the rights and wrongs let us look at the facts:

Prior to Nani scoring (with just six minutes of the game remaining), United were already winning thanks to Vidic's first-half header.

Spurs never looked like scoring once Van der Vaart had left the pitch.

One of the first things you learn when you start playing the game is to play to the referee's whistle: Nani did it, but Spurs goalkeeper Gomez did not.

The referee and his linesman didn't see Nani's handball, but of course they should have done.

All in all, Spurs have every right to be upset, but even if the goal had been ruled out they still would have lost...

In the aftermath of Saturday's game Redknapp must have near worn out his soap-box this week but instead of focusing on the real issues, such as why was Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon so ineffective on the day, the Spurs manager has been moaning about Mark 'carry-on' Clattenburg.

The truth is, both Redknapp and Ferguson are past masters at deflecting attention away from the real issues. Still it was a very entertaining game, all the more so due to the incompetence of one our so called top have to laugh really.


  1. Yeah there is no way whatsoever that Spurs could have scored

    You mug

  2. I agree Man Utd NEVER concede late goals its something that is impossible. Just wondering if that goal happened at the other end you would be laughing as much, plus what makes your captain more important than the spurs captain just smells a bit but as long as your not biased eh.

  3. You should be refereeing with that hindsight. We lost one with the Mendes goal and gained one with Nani cheats goal How can you make that assertion and also what about our goal against column . Nani new he had touched the ball so did Gomes the man with the Whistle told Nani he hadnt seen him by telling him to play on when Gomes was second best to get the to the ball Football is in a mess because it wont have technology a sporting dinasour

  4. Get over it. These things happen but they tend to even themselves out over a season.

  5. Even themselves out over a season only a very biased Man Utd fan has the gall to say that Can you tell me when something went against your lot at old trafford, good luck with that must be nice knowing your untouchable. I'am a season ticket holder and I've stopped going to Old Trafford because you just don't get a fair game in my opinion it's a pity I always enjoyed it football is in a right mess when the known cheats (nani) get way with it and get protected.

  6. Facts, yes, let’s look:

    ‘United were already winning’ True: well done.

    ‘never looked like scoring once Van der Vaart had left’ Really? So it wasn’t possible because MU haven’t conceded late, sloppy goals this season?

    ‘play to the referee's whistle’ True. In no way do I absolve Gomes.

    ‘The referee and his linesman didn't see Nani's handball’ Even though the lino raised the flag after and the ref clearly says he saw it?(I’m lip reading, but it was clear).

    ‘they still would have lost’ Really? 1-0 down with 5 minutes to go is very different than 2-0. MU have dropped several points from winning positions and Spurs have several times picked up results from losing positions.

    Facts? Massive amounts of biased opinion, rather.

    Let’s call it how it is; MU supporters (naturally) like the result and the goal. They also (naturally) want their team to seen as above reproach, as dodgy goals give no credit. So we get tons of these articles since Saturday justifying the way it unfolded.

    Gomes gets a lot of the blame, but the ref was not controlling the match or communicating his decisions. If Clattenburg controls the match as he should and communicates his decision, that goal never happens. While I get that you like how the events unfolded, as it benefited your team, that doesn’t mean the ref did right.

    I’ve asked several MU fans and got no answer. If the same situation happened for Spurs at the other end, Would you honestly think it was a good goal? Or would you think the ref bungled the situation?

  7. SSG,

    Of course it was a bungled goal.
    But still, you never looked like scoring following the departure of Van der Vaart and that has nothing to do with United conceding late goals.

    Since Vidic and Rio reconnected, on the whole we've been pretty good at the back: also, the teams that scored against us were pressing us hard late on that wasn't the case on Saturday

  8. Darren,

    Don't blame Nani: blame the officials.

  9. @James Ryddel, I was making a point about the 'facts' cited in the article. We might not have scored but to claim it's a fact we wouldn't is just plain wrong.

    I actually give Nani the least amount of blame.

    Anyway, onwards.

  10. James
    Nani is the cheat Dived(getting to good at that) then handled the ball, yes the ref played a Major part I agree and only a Man Utd fan can say we never looked like scoring I remember not long back another team that didn't look like scoring (everton) what happened there. you must be minted if you can predict game scores or do you have inside info? All us Fair minded Football fans ask is a even field with an inpartal Ref something I have not witnessed in 20 years unfortunaty. Plus the players need to help but when your management praise him for cheating theres no hope is there football is doomed.

  11. Darren,

    Nani wasn't cheating when he played to the whistle, but yes, at times he goes down too easily...

    It's interesting, is it not, that SSG isn't blaming Nani so much as yourself?..

  12. So going down when no foul is commited and intentional handball isn't cheating ok my bad I like my football clean would rather win clean than with a nasty taste in my mouth maybe thats the difference between our clubs win at all cost don't care how you get there as long as you do. well maybe were wrong maybe we need to teach our youngsters to dive and feign injury if that happens i will rip my season ticket up what happened to good football winning games as long as you live with it good luck to you all the honours your team wins means nothing if you cheated to get them thats my opinon. I thought Pires was bad jesus he was nothing compared to Nani your lot managed to stop ronaldo come on stop your worst cheat ever for footballs sake

  13. Darren,

    Pires was worse than Nani - but in no way am I defending some of his antics.

    But you need to understand this: When Nani handled the ball, he must have thought the ref had blown up - because it was such an obvious action, one that should have been spotted by the officials - the fact the ref didn't blow up and Nani played on was entirely the right thing to do and that is the whole point of the issue. Gomes should have played on too, but yes, the ref got it all wrong.

  14. There are two things I am looking forward to.

    One. The FA throw the book at Harry Redknapp and thus remove him from our television and radio sets. An early Christmas present for many of us.

    Two. The Premier League and the FA demand that referees face the cameras after every game. That way they will get an opportunity to express their views-which in the hysteria are often disregarded.

    But I do agree with you Mr Ryddel it was one of the funniest incidents witnessed, since my son kicked the ball into the net, after fouling the opposition player in the box, thinking he had given away a penalty only to find the referee awarding the goal as he had not blown his whistle!!

  15. Mr Strap,

    I couldn't agree more with you in ref to your points.

    I saw Saturday's game in the pub with some mates and we were roaring with laughter at said incident.


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