Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wayne Rooney, fair game, or not?: An alternative viewpoint...

With no club football to mull over until the coming weekend when the Red Devils take on Everton on Saturday, there has been precious little to discuss this week; that was more than likely one of the reasons why the Sunday Mirror decided to out Wayne Rooney. The timing was perfect, that is it was, unless you happened to be Wayne Rooney or Fabio Capello.

There must have been a serious danger that the United striker could have been affected by the lurid sex allegations; he could have opted not to take the plane to Switzerland for that Euro 2012 qualifier, but to his credit he travelled to Basle and scored the opening goal and England went on to win comfortably.

In the build up to Tuesday's 3-1 win over Switzerland, the press were busily blaming Rooney's 'poor form' at the World Cup on the sex scandal; so it's worth asking the question, if the player's mind was occupied by this looming crisis, then how do you explain his last two England performances which came about either side of the Sunday Mirror expose? Rooney has been outstanding in his last two games. If anyone should be blamed for England's failings at the World Cup, it is quite obviously Fabio Capello, who didn't select Joe Hart to play and he also left out Adam Johnson and Theo Walcott. As ever, the press need to find a scapegoat when things go wrong, as they so often do where the England team is concerned and so for now Rooney,
is that man.

In what has been an otherwise pretty crappy week, I now prompt United fans to awake from your collective international break slumbers and read the following article by ex rugger star Brian Moore: this is without doubt the best article on this sorry saga to date.

In other news, sections of the media are still pulling new signing Bebe to pieces, despite the fact that he scored what can only be described as a very soft goal for Portugal's U21 team against Montenegro this week. Manchester United's latest Portuguese signing also missed a sitter. Personally, I want to see more of Bebe before passing judgement on him.

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  1. He gets the money, he talks the talk,he has to walk the walk. Of course he's fair game. I'm much more interested about how he performs for United though than I am about his sex life. Will he perform on the football field this season? I have my doubts.
    Berbatov continues to hold his head in some kind of shame and Owen is yesterdays ma. We despearately need at least 20 goals from Rooney. Fergie could do worse than give Macheda, Hernandez and Bebe a real go and perhaps Keane, King or Cofie aren't too far away. I


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