Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Stop buying replica shirts: Old Shirts Day, United v Liverpool...

If you're one of those who still regularly attends United home games then you will have almost certainly have already heard about "Old Shirts Day". So what's it all about then? Well, it's quite simple. The idea is fans can show their support for the anti Glazer campaign by donning your pre AIG, AON, United shirts in protest against the debt laden regime.

Some fans' took the decision not to give the Glazers any of their hard earned cash back in 2005, but others felt they couldn't give up their cherished season tickets. It was a tough decision, but the point of Old Shirts Day, is to hammer home that even if you're one of those still regularly attends home games you don't have to buy the latest replica shirts, because in so doing you are indirectly helping the Glazers.

Old Shirts Day:
United v Liverpool

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