Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fergie and Wenger clash over home-grown rule...

The Premier League's new home-grown rule has certainly left fans and pundits alike confused over the last few weeks: for anyone who hasn't been paying attention, the new rule stipulates that eight of the 25 players selected have to be 'home-grown'.

It's interesting to note that Arsene Wenger is totally and utterly against the rule, which he's described as "ridiculous" . The Arsenal manager says as a result, the Premier League will no longer be the best league in the world - at least that is the gist of his argument, that and it has nothing to do with "top level sport" in this country.

The Arsenal manager also points out that this new rule is driving up the price and in some instances the financial demands of qualifying players: the case of Stephen Ireland has been cited. According to reports, Ireland's proposed move to Aston Villa has stalled due to the player's demands.

Wenger is without doubt one of the most respected coaches in world football and his voice should not be ignored, but seemingly it has been, or least the Premier League haven't taken notice of his views.

The Frenchman also made comparisons with Spain's, La Liga, when stating there's as many foreign players playing in that division. However, on this point Wenger is actually wrong because La Liga has already introduced a similar ruling. (I will be posting more on this subject at a later date).

While most sensible football supporters will take on board Wenger's comments - in contrast, the Manchester United manager appears to be in full support of the new rule: Ferguson says it's a "good thing" and that it "had to happen".

So the question is, who is right?

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