Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coaches have 'misgivings' about Bebe...alarm bells ringing?

Well, well, well, so according to a report in today's Guardian, United's reserve team coaches are so disappointed with new £7.4m signing Bebe that they don't know when he's likely to be fit enough to play for United; even at this very early stage you begin to wonder if there's any real prospect of the Portuguese striker ever playing for the first-team.

Over the last few months in between making digs at big-spending Manchester City, Fergie been carping on about lack of value in the transfer. Those lack of value comments could well come back to haunt Ferguson, given he's admitted he'd never seen Bebe play before splashing out £7.4m.

At a time when the United manager is reportedly low on transfer funds, supporters will be wondering what the true motives were behind this move. Apparently, United have beaten off interest from Real Madrid and Benfica - at least that's one theory - but why didn't the club move for Bebe before he signed for Vitória Guimarães on a free transfer a few months ago, in so doing saving £7.4m?

There's no suggestion from this blog that anything underhand has gone on, but you have to wonder if this transfer will be the subject of a future investigation due to the amount involved and the circumstances leading up to it.

Perhaps Fergie has been led down the garden path by his 'old friend' Carlos Queiroz, and maybe the United manager thought he was about to sign the next Ronaldo; but when he first came to the club, it was very obvious he was destined for stardom - sadly it appears to be an altogether different scenario for least it does judging by the vibes coming out of Carrington.

To end on a positive note, at least United beat the 'Elite squad' aka Manchester City reserves last night when winning 3-1, thanks to a brace from Macheda and one from Cleverley, but the Reds played a very strong team, one that was made up of first team players including, Rafael, Anderson, Neville, Brown, Smalling, Gibson and Carrick.


  1. Maybe the first thing that should have popped up in your head is how much credence you're giving to a story without any quotes or factual basis to it, just because its been reported in the press. The press write loads of bollocks about every team to generate news on 'slow' days. I highly doubt any coaches at United are whispering sweet-nothings in reporters' ears. But it makes for great copy on a day where the next best news is the Carling cup. The lad's been a United player for 14 days - surely we should judge him after he's played, not point fingers at him and everyone before. But hey it's a fickle world and it seems United fans are no exception.

  2. Nihal,

    I'm willing to give him a chance, but when we will see him play?

    I seriously doubt the Guardian would have published this story if there wasn't an element of truth behind it.

    The questions about the timing are valid despite this report.

  3. The line up last night was amos, neville,brown, smalling, raphael,gibson, anderson,carrick, cleverly,macheda,eikrem. To be honest it would have been a surprise if he had been in the squad. The bottom line is that he is a bigger risk than other signings and we may end up losing money on him or selling him on to break even, or he cold end up a first team player and contribute for years to come. I feekl that the media in general is loving the whole glaser/green and gold story and will do anything to stoke the fire of discontent.only a couiple of months ago hernandez was being described as a nobody from chivas reserves who epitomised the level to which we had sunk in our financial capabilities, now he is a shrewd investment. fergie hasn't bought a marquee signing because our squad is very strong and he believe in youth, youth which he has always attempted not to block. this is not a new thing!

  4. Why am I not suprised that you of all people (Mr. Negative) is giving credence to a story without any verifiable facts? Can you just once write an article that has a positive spin and isn't constantly criticizing Fergie?

    And just so we are clear. Quieroz was not the one who told the club to sign Bebe. It was Toninho Cruz. He's been our scout in Portugal since 2004. But don't let facts stand in the way of another diatribe.

  5. Noel,

    Well, I don't know who what to believe, because I cannot actually understand why Ferguson would sanction £7m without even taking the trouble to look at a prospective signing, I doubt even Mancini would do that.

  6. Simon,

    I'm not always negative.

    According to the Guardian it was Carlos Queiroz....the Scot said he had taken the word of scouts as well as Portugal's manager, Carlos Queiroz, formerly his assistant at Old Trafford. "It was one of those decisions that had to be made quickly, so I made it quickly," Ferguson said. "I don't think it's a risk."

  7. Totally agree with Nihal paaji, no quotes nothing! give the dude some time, 14 days aint enough to judge a footballer who you havent seen even around the football once.

    He's Portugese, surely he'd wanna be like Nani or ROnaldo... Just give him some time, he will shine in the next reserves match day! dont bother about man city chaos in the media, its just to hype up things

  8. hey

    I wonder when you are going to learn with the way you criticize fergie policy, take a deep breath and find something positive to write

  9. If you don't like what I write then don't come back, go some place where they never question United and Fergie.

  10. I for one don't think you're too negative. Yours is possibly the most realistic United blogs there is, in stark contrast to others that claim Cleverley is better than Ozil, United will waltz to a treble and Chicharito will score over 20 goals this season. I too hope all those things happen, but on a more realistic note, number 19 will be an uphill task, particularly if we keep dropping 'silly points' the way we did against Fulham.

    If the 7.4 mn figure is true, the Bebe deal was a bad piece of business regardless of how good or bad the lad turns out to be. This is a player we could have got free of cost 4 weeks ago. If we have really been tracking him for a 'long time' as David Gill claims, why didn't we sign him up then? I don't imagine he improved by leaps and bounds in those 4 weeks he spent at Guimares.

  11. On another note, the last player Carlos Quieroz recommended was Manucho. Do you see a pattern emerging here?

  12. Dela,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Regarding Bebe, I cannot agree more with you. Surely this transfer will be the subject of further scrunity because as you say why pay £7.4m when United could have signed him for nothing just a fews ago.

    As supporters we have to accept not every new player will make it at a club like United. The likes of Peter Davenport and Gary Birtles came to Old Trafford with big reputations but they failed.

    In relation to Manucho, I must admit before he arrived and after looking at the videos of him I thought he had a chance; in contrast there was precious little video footage of Bebe which must be a concern in itself.

    I think Fergie was absoluley raving mad to admit he'd not personally seen the player in action - there was nothing to gain and quite a bit to lose reputation wise.


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