Monday, July 26, 2010

'Transfer target' turns down United in preference to City?

According to reports in Italy, Mario Balotelli is on the verge of joining rivals Manchester City. The Inter Milan star will join City for an initial fee of £24million.

Balotelli has been linked to several Premier League clubs over the last few weeks and the Italian media are claming the player turned down United whose financial terms were said to be higher.

If the deal goes through Balotelli will be linking up with his former manager Roberto Mancini.

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  1. I would rather United be "skint" than spend anything more than £15million on this fella. Next Bellamy, attitude and talent and can't control either.

    It's great all these players "turning" us down.

  2. He's going there because its Manchini. Any other boss and he would never pick them over us. Then again it might be a lucky escape - the guy is bit of a fruit loop and could end up being another Robinho for them.
    How much have they spent so far? And Milner is pretty much a done deal, then theres Ibrahimovic, Torres, Dzeko etc. I could see them go well over £150m spent this summer.

  3. Dave,

    Mancini can only pick 11 a time - but it will be very interesting this coming season. And of course they've lost their last two games.

  4. We can speculate till the cows come home about how City will do next season. I only care about them twice a season (cup games aside) last year was meant to be their year etc etc. Rooney has a point to prove as does Hernandez and Nani. We have nothing to worry about IMO.

  5. You kno something is wrong when for 2 season, we bought no world class player to replace the legends. And to reports, we been 2nd class status to be mention debt and not enough money to spend. This is getting for too long. When will we have money to spend and when the value in the market is good? 10 years from now?


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