Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Transfer intrigue: Wesley Sneijder and Fergie's double Dutch talk...

The last two summers have been extremely disappointing where incoming transfers are concerned and as a result Manchester United have gone backwards following the loss of Ronaldo and Tevez. So when Inter Milan's Massimo Moratti went on record last week claiming United's interest in Wesley Sneijder was 'very real', we the fans' took note; for an all too brief moment, there was a glimmer of hope that at last Ferguson could be about to make a major signing.

Arjen Robben added to the intrigue when going on record saying he believed Sneijder would sign for United. Alas, the hopes of many a frustrated red were dashed at a stroke when the player confirmed he was going nowhere. Then Fergie added his two-penneth when saying "I don't know where those reports about Sneijder came from. How can anybody turn me down when I haven't even made a bid?"

Ferguson's reaction to news of this apparent snub was interesting, because, for one thing, United are regularly linked to players from just about every continent on a regular basis (but not that often this summer). So why did Ferguson react? Could it be that the United manager is feeling the strain with rivals Man City spending so heavily for the second season on the spin? We are unlikely to discover the answer to that question until Fergie writes his next book...

Anyone who saw Sneijder during the World Cup will appreciate the brilliance of the Dutch midfield star. Yet, according to Fergie, United have a stronger squad than last season; the logic being the younger players are a year older have more experience - but no mention of veteran stars like Giggs, Scholes, Neville and Van der Sar all getting older. Fergie didn't exactly say he wouldn't want Sneijder in his squad, but nonetheless his claims that the current squad is stronger are likely to be questioned over the coming weeks, because it simply is not true.

United have serious problems in just about every department. The spine of the team is need of major surgery. It is expected Vidic will eventually join Real Madrid and if that happens United will be relying on Rio Ferdinand and the likes of Johnny Evans, Wes Brown and unproven new boy Chris Smalling. Ferdinand's days in the top flight could, worst case, prove to be numbered given his persistent injury problems.

In central midfield the situation is even worse, with talk of Michael Carrick being off-loaded in a fire-sale back to his native North East with a move to Sunderland. United look like losing around £12m on any deal for Carrick which just goes to show what a poor piece of business that was when the club paid Spurs £18.5m.

Paul Scholes has today hinted he might not retire at the end of next season... Scholes is by nature a shy boy, he doesn't speak to the press that often and when he does it is through gritted teeth. You wonder who it was that persuaded Scholes to drop hints about pro-longing his retirement - is this the work of United's spin doctor? If so, are we the fans' expected to jump up and down with glee at this news? As good as Scholes still is, he does not represent the future. United most definitely need to sign at least one player of the calibre of Wesley Sneijder, because the fact is Gibson isn't good enough and neither is Carrick.

As far as the forward line is concerned, reports claim United have been trying (and failing) to off-load Dimitar Berbatov. Rooney, had a disastrous World Cup (as predicted on this blog before the tournament) and as a result United could suffer this coming season. Ferguson could be left relying on Javier Hernandez, who could prove to be a useful signing if he settles quickly, but those hoping for miracles might have to wait.

As things stand, there is a very real danger Man City (among others) could finish above United next season and if that happens Ferguson's comments about being stronger will rightly be ridiculed. United are on the road to nowhere with the current squad.


  1. A. Fergie is full of shit, you should know this by now.

    B. City won't finish above us.

  2. True. It's irritating that United didn't have any new signing. I dont see how the new players will have any impact when not even playing one match with the team yet. It's looking awkward with the club finding excuses to to lost next season by saying there is no value or the squad is stronger when it is not.

  3. FBHOTW.


    B. Hope you are right


    I think it prove to be a season of excuses; Capello knackered Rooney and Fergie will blindly keep on telling us we are stronger etc etc.

  4. Carrick was NOT a poor piece of business. The transfer window he was bought, he was our only signing. Chelsea having just won the prem league twice added Ballack and Shevchenko to their squad. Yet we won the premier league the follwing season! Why? Because our central midfield developed into one that worked. Carrick was pivotal in us winning our first premier league title in a while. He also played a major part in the 2007/2008 season, one of the greatest in the club's history.

  5. Peanut,

    Well if we lose £12m into the bargain would you describe that as money well spent? Wouldn't it have been better to have bought Carrick from West Ham for under £3m as Spurs did when they took advantage of the Hammers asking price?.

    Finally, if Carrick was good business then please explain why it is that he's supposedly up for sale?

  6. im a southampton fan! but as a premier league fan i soooo hope you do go after him! he is without doubt world player of the year.....won both trophies in italy, chaampions league and dragged his national team to the final of a world cup!!!!! DECENT player!


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