Saturday, July 31, 2010

The sad demise of the United season ticket...

There was a time not so long ago that United season tickets were cherished family heirlooms. The tickets were passed through the generations from father to son or else to friends of the family. Back then securing a season ticket, even one on loan, was nigh on impossible, because they were as rare as hens teeth.

At that time United knew full well that among the list of season ticket holders were the names of several thousand dead men - these former supporters might well have gone on to a higher place but their cherished season tickets still bore the name of the deceased; it was for this reason United offered a ticket amnesty to those in possession of what used to be regarded by the holder as their most prized asset.

These were the days when being a Manchester United season ticket holder actually meant something - for one thing, you knew that if the Reds were lucky enough to reach a final at Wembley then in all probability you'd be there. There used to be three classes of United supporter: Season Ticket holders, League Match Ticket Book holders (LMTBs) and then we had your casual day-tripper or JCL (Johnny Come Lately).

Well, the Glazers' have completely ruined all of that and now anyone can get a season ticket, the demand that has gone. United are in a sorry mess where its finances are concerned. Instead of shopping with the big boys in the transfer market, Ferguson is left scratching around for bargains (Michael Owen) and promising youngsters - but in fairness the United manager is doing a remarkable job. But with little or no money to spend on new players, it's fair to ask how much longer can the United manager keep the club at the top? Ferguson is akin to an engineer who is being told by his employers to work without oil - sooner or later the engine will fail - it's a question of when and not if.

While Ferguson is still rightly held with the highest regard by the fans' for his work, many have decided enough is enough. Last season the supporters launched the quite brilliant Green and Gold campaign and we've seen the results this July when United announced they couldn't sell all their season tickets. At that point it became clear the club's much talked about season ticket waiting list had vaporised. The existence of such a list isn't really in doubt, but its worth has been brought into serious question. The waiting list has been used as a tool to put the frighteners on fans who might have been wavering on whether or not to renew their season ticket, but from now on chances are, the so called waiting list will be completely ignored by such fans.

Read all about the club's unprecedented attempts to sell its tickets.

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  1. As a committed City fan, even I find this a little sad (at least the bit about how tickets were passed down through families anyway). I wonder though how much of this is owing to a declining lack of engagement with our football clubs generally rather than what's going on with the Glazers. As a 40 year old, I remember both The Kippax and Stretford End hey days - we're about as far removed from that excitement today as it's possible to imagine. From my point of view, the passion's still as huge as ever but home attendance just isn't what it used to be. Most of the time I enjoy away matches in the pub, with mates, a lot more. Sad to say but nonetheless true.


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