Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ferguson doffs his cap to Glazer (again) and effectively says £700m debt is nothing to worry about..

It was always going to happen at some point during United's mini Tour of North America: Ferguson was going to be asked about the Glazer family, and like a well trained lap-dog, the United manager did not disappoint his owners. It isn't really big news, because every time Ferguson has publicly spoken about the Glazer family he has backed the club's owners. It was a set-piece question and the answer was predictable.

Fergie didn't exactly say the owners huge debts are not a problem for United; instead he skirted round the issue when appearing to suggest it is the norm for owners of big football clubs to run up massive debts.

Now is not the time to judge the Glazer family, that day will come in time when the full story unfolds; no one, not even our illustrious leader can know what damage could be done to United's long-term future because of these debts.

While we do not know what the future holds in relation to the club's finances, on the football field we the fans' can judge Fergie and his squad at the end of the season. Only then we will know if the lack of transfer activity at United this summer was the right course of action, but on this point we might well be blaming the Glazer family and Fergie because he says he's never been refused when he's asked for money for new players.

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