Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fergie: "No more signings". It's the news United fans have been dreading ..

United fans have been waiting patiently to hear news of at least one big signing, but going Ferguson's off most recent comments it doesn't look like the club will be signing any proven quality this summer. United's last big name signing was Dimitar Berbatov - that was back in 2008 - and what a disappointment he's been.

To the dismay of many United fans, Ferguson decided for whatever reason not to sign Joe Cole. The former Chelsea star was available on a free transfer and given the United manager doesn't have much room to manoeuvre due to a lack of transfer funds the decision not to enter the Cole race simply did not make any sense.

When Ferguson didn't throw his hat into the ring when deciding not to bid for Cole's services, many supporters believed - wrongly, as things appear to have turned out - that the United manager had his eye on bigger targets.

Reports have been linking United to German midfield maestro Mesut Ozil and Fiorentina ace Stevan Jovetic. Ozil had a fine World Cup campaign and not surprisingly he is very hot property, but the clever money is on the Werder Bremen star joining either Bayern Munich or Real Madrid - there is very little prospect of Ozil joining United.

Stevan Jovetic destroyed Liverpool in last season's Champions League and that performance announced his arrival on the big stage; since then just about every top European club has been linked with the Montenegrin international.

Even if United were able to compete on transfer fees, the reality is there still would have been little or no hope of either Ozil or Jovetic signing for United this summer, because there is too much competition and United have always struggled top convince European players to come to Old Trafford - especially when the player in question is wanted by so many rivals.

United have also been linked with a possible move for Wesley Sneijder, but the Dutch ace appears to have ruled out moving anywhere; instead he will stay with Inter Milan following a fabulous season under Jose Mourinho.

With little or no money to spend and with so many problems within his ageing squad Ferguson can look forward to one of the most difficult seasons in his career. The only bit of positivity for United supporters - on the domestic front at any rate - is that only near neighbours Man City have spent heavily this summer.

Ferguson has undoubtedly made a major mistake in not signing Joe Cole, because he was the ONLY top player within his reach. United will pay the price for failing to strengthen this summer because everyone knows you do not stay at the top without continual improvement and that simply is not happening at Old Trafford right now, quite the reverse...

United were simply not good enough to chase down Chelsea in the title race last season. But the West London club had their own problems when losing Michael Essien and Mikel through injury. Despite allowing Joe Cole and Ballack to leave this summer, Chelsea still have the strongest squad in the Premier League and they will be the bookies favourites to retain the trophy.

While Ferguson is unlikely to make any surprise signings, there's likely to be more bad news when Vidic signs for either Real Madrid or worse still Manchester City.


  1. Right now Im thinking United will finish 3rd behind Chelsea and Man City. However if Vidic and/or Evra leaves and we sign nobody then Im gonna go for 5th with Arsenal and Spurs above us.
    Wanna know whats even scarier. Imagine the following season without Giggs, Scholes, Neville or VDS. At the rate we are going we will be out of the top 6 in 2-3 years unless we start spending again.

  2. We will see if it is true, I think United will buy more players, until semptembre there are a lot of days and new circumstances.
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  3. Dave,

    Yup, it isn't looking good.

    I go along with your thoughts too...

  4. Sorry James but this is another silly knee jerk article to follow up with your effort yesterday. You are totally under rating the squad we have at our disposal. A squad which finished only 1 point off the championship last season and which would have won the league had it not been for a spate of horrendous injuries all to the back line. We had to field Fletcher and Carrick in the back 4 in successive games!

    This year our young players will hopefully step up and fulfill their potential. But they need playing time to do that. Going out and buying has beens like Joe Cole is not the answer. You say it made no sense not to make a move for Cole but it made plenty of sense. We went over the many reasons yesterday.

    Take a deep breath and try and view the situation rationally. If we make a quality signing that'll be great, if we don't then we can look forward to some of our many talented youngsters getting game time.

  5. The amount of scare mongery on this blog is unbelievable.

    Don't you remember 95?

    Have you even watched some of our youngsters? Would you rather they left like Shawcross, Pique, Rossi?

    Give it a rest - we don't need to spend massively. We could probably do with a midfielder but not a sweatband wearing mercenary who left the club he supported as a boy for 'purely economic reasons'. Also he is a crock.

    I think we might need a Hargo style player as he will probably have to retire. But who would be good? De Rossi or someone similar - there just aren't enough around.

    p.s. why do you not allow anonymous comments? is it because you write stuff which insights so much anger?

    I suspect you think Fergie should be sacked

  6. Simon,

    Our performances on the pitch will prove who is right. Promise me you will come back throughout the season because I fear you are very wrong.

    I'd like nothing better than to be proved totally wrong and I really mean that.

    And finally, I'd like you to name the talented youngsters who are going to carry us through the season...

  7. OAJP,

    Same question to you. Name these youngsters who are going to set the Premier League alight... and please do come back and remind when I'm either proven right or wrong - that's assuming you're like me and don't mind admitting that you've made a complete arse of yourself when you get it wrong...

    FYI, I've been following United since 1970, but my first game was in the late 60s.

    Regarding anonymous comments. I get a lot of spam that's the reason...

  8. Have been reading your blog for a while and in fairness you are a very pessimistic fan. Plenty of the younger players have big potential, I don't need to list them here as I believe plenty of other united blogs have already done this.

    In terms of signings personally I would like De Rossi - although it will never happen.

    I think last season we lost the league due to a defensive collapse - not likely to happen every year. My only concern would be if Vidic leaves - then a CB would be needed.

    But in terms of midfield I would rather Obertan was given a chance than someone else bought in. To be considered the best at Claerfontaine between the ages of 14 and 17 means there must be real talent in there. Also Cleverly deserves the chance too.

  9. OAJP,

    You are not on your own with your opinion about my views... :0)

    I think Vidic will go and if I'm being honest I'm not sure about Evans, Brown and especially Smalling. Rio is all but history IMO. Evans is neither a Rio (an interceptor) or a muck and bullets defender like Vidic. What we need is a solid defensive partnership -ie two defenders who complement each other like we had last season (when both were fit - and interested in the case of Vidic).

    I think Fergie needs to go out and sign at least one more central defender.

    Despite what you've stated about the players who you believe will do well (and I agree with Rafael). We still have big problems in important positions; you have already mentioned the centre of defence...

    Then there's central midfield where we are desperately lacking - we need someone who can open the door in tight games. None of the players you've listed can do that job. Obertan is a wide player.

    Hernandez could do well, but if I'm honest here again I'm not sure he's the right foil for Rooney and we know Berbatov isn't, nor is Owen. We could do with someone like Torries, but Benzema might do the job. From what I've seen of Hernandez he is very much a penalty box man.

    If you look on the right we've added a poll so you can add your votes for the players who you believe will make the difference and go on to hold down a regular first team place.

  10. Sorry for my late reply but here are the players who have lots of talent and clearly need game time. They have the potential to take us to the next level. We have been here before remember. If blooding these youngsters properly this year means we don't win the league but then do go on to another sustained period of success, then I would take that in a heart beat.

    Obertan, Rafael, Anderson, Evans, Hernandez and Macheda should all get plenty of game time this season and can make a big impact.

    Fabio is touch and go because he has Evra in front of him but much is to be expected of him in the long run.

    We also have Cleverley and Wellbeck who can make a big contribution this season if they don't go out on loan, which is suspect they will.

    Nani and Valencia are just going to get better and better. Remember that they are both only 23/24. Rooney is 25, Fletcher 26 and Gibson only 22. So much more still to come from all these players. They have yet to hit their peak. This team is going to keep maturing and keep getting better. Providing we let it.

  11. Simon,

    I'm sorry but I think you are very wrong. With the exception of Rafael and possibly Hernandez the players you've mentioned wouldn't get in the Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal or even the City team every week and so IMO they most definitely will NOT take United to the next level.

    Nani can be very good on his day - but the problem with him is consistency. I doubt Valencia will ever be as good as Kanchelskis, but he could be a solid winger who will continue to do a good job when asked.

    Fabio is still making mistakes and I'm not sure he's best suited to playing full-back - he might be better in midfield on the left with Evra behind him.

    Regarding Welbeck, when you look at our poll you will see the fans' who've voted have fairly low expectations of him - here again, I have to agree with the majority; his finishing is lousy and that has nothing to do with growing pains as Fergie would have us all believe. You've either got it or you haven't, as Best proved at the tender age of 17. Nonetheless, Welbeck is worth hanging on to for the time being, but he will go out on loan.

    I haven't seen enough of Cleverley to pass comment, but it shouldn't bee too difficult to get a game in midfield with the current level of competition - that's assuming Cleverley is even half decent. I don't rate Carrick one bit. I'm not massively in love with Fletcher, but I feel a bit sorry for him as he's the only one who does the grafting, he's pretty much on his own. It speaks volumes about the current squad that we are still relying too heavily on Scholes and Giggs.

    IMO, Anderson has been a big disappointment. I predict this will be his last season for United and please come back and remind me when I'm either proven right or wrong.


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