Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fergie fiddles while Old Trafford burns?.....

Judging by the lack of transfer activity since the window opened, it looks like Manchester City will be the only Premier League club who spends big this summer (Why oh why did the Arabs buy that shower?). There has been some transfer speculation with talk of possible moves concerning United, but so far there's little concrete to report on.

If we are to believe the mainstream media, Michael Carrick could be sold back to Tottenham (no doubt for an undisclosed fee if it actually comes about). According to another recent report, Anderson could offered in part-exchange for Paris Saint Germain's St├ęphane Sess├Ęgnon; the 26 year-old Benin international is said to be 'hot-property' with Europe's 'top clubs' in the hunt for his signature.

Anderson has been linked to Benfica and Lyon with rumours of yet more swap deals involving Angel Di Maria and Hugo Lloris respectively, however, Angel Di Maria has agreed to sign for Real Madrid, so that one is a dead duck.

What is not in doubt is the fact that Ferguson needs to pull his finger out and get busy in the transfer market. United are in desperate need of a midfield play-maker; Inter Milan's Sneijder has been linked to United (again) but surely it is a case of 12 month's too late? Fergie should have made his move last summer when the Dutchman was available for a knockdown 15m Euros.

Fabiano has been linked with a possible move, but can United afford the brilliant Brazilian striker? No doubt United fans will have been hugely impressed with Javier Hernandez who scored that spectacular goal against Argentina at the World Cup in the knockout round of 16. The way things are looking, United's hopes next season could well rest on the shoulders of the young Mexican striker and rookie centre-back Chris Smalling. It remains to be seen if Vidic will be sold to Real Madrid, but you really shouldn't bet on him being at United next season.

United also let it be known Joe Cole will not be signing and we have yet to be told exactly why that is; it might well be for family reasons, but we need to know all the same.

All in all, like last summer it looks like being a very disappointing transfer window as far as new signings go. United went backwards last season following the loss of Ronaldo and Tevez. With Giggs, Scholes, Neville and Van der Sar all adding another year on the clock, United will undoubtedly go even further backwards this coming season if we do not make some important signings this summer. Fergie - we trust you, but please pull your finger out and get busy.


  1. It would not be a big problem, if we did not sign any players, but Fergie need to give youngsters a chance, time has come just like in 1995, the like of Da Silvas twins, Cleverly, Obertan, Macheda, Gibson, Cathcart and Petrucci, Petrucci likely to feature in the carling cup. Time to use Nani on the right wing and use Obertan on the left. If injury did not hit this season, we'll be up there

  2. Totally agree with sentiments of this article. Man U are in a club that is in terminal decline. I no longer have any faith in Ferguson (and think its clearly time for him to go). Gill and Ferguson have become the Glazers puppets. If we can't get rid of the Glazers then we at least need management that is prepared to stand upto them and argue the case for buying proven "world class players - instead of bargain basement players that could take years to develop
    Ferguson has sold out to his fans and needs to be replaced before any more damage is done.

  3. Paul,

    I agree that Fergie has let the fans down; there was no reason to publicly support the Glazers. United are in serious trouble and if the Glazers don't find someone to bail themselves and the club out soon we could be ruined. For this reason Ferguson was dumb supporting them. Ferguson's name will be forever tainted because of his allegiance to the ruinous owners.

  4. Erasmus,

    Of the players you've mentioned, IMO, only Rafael da Silva could go on to have a big future at United. I'm not 100% convinced about the others.

    One thing is for certain, Fergie has to do something. He might have no alternative but to go with the unproven players.

  5. It sucks really. All fergusons moaning about lack of value in the transfer market and now rumors suggest we will spend £30m+ on Sneijder - a player we could have had for half of that 12 months ago. Hell the way he is playing at the moment the price will be nearer £40m to actually sign the guy. Just think if we hadent blown money on the likes of Obertan, Diouf and Smalling we could have signed Sneijder - the guy who will win the world player of the year for 2010 imo.

    Meanwhile United are expected to sign Gary Cahill - er what the hell. Anyone else thinking that we are looking at Smalling/Cahill to replace a Madrid bound Vidic? Smalling and Cahill are the type of players that end up at Aston Villa and go no further. We have taken massive strides backwards in the last 12 months and right now I am actually worried we will finish below City next season. If Rooney has even the slightest off patch (and I dont think he will be half the player he was last season) then we are in deep deep shit.

    The Joe Cole thing is just stupid. I honestly believe we could have him if we want him. That he would choose us over any other team in england even if ideally he did want to stay in london. I wish we knew why Fergie isnt interested. His age? his wages? does Fergie not consider him good enough? Or did the Glaziers put a stop to it? I love Fergie to bits but transfer wise he lost the plot years ago.

  6. Dave,

    I think we are heading up shit creek without a paddle. Fergie won't admit it. but it's obvious he has no money to spend. The problem is he has supported our 'great owners' from the beginning and now he's tied his colours to the mast.

  7. I don't think man u will suffer if they don't spent huge this summer. Man u have lots of talented young player under their belt. Apart from da silva brothers and co., we also have drinkwater, diouf and talented players from their youth squad.If we have nani the CR successor last season, who knows we might have future neville and evra this year.


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