Tuesday, July 27, 2010

25-man-squad rule influencing veterans' retirement plans at Old Trafford?

The Premier League's new 25-man squad rule comes into play in the 2010/2011 season and let's be honest until now we haven't given it much thought; but we can be fairly certain it has given Ferguson a lot to think about.

The new rules mean that clubs have to submit their final 25-man squad list at the end of each transfer window; the first list has to be in by September 1st, 2010. Changes can only be made during the transfer window.

The new rules also stipulate that no less than eight players' have to have been registered with the club for three years prior to their 21st birthday.

We have created a colour-coded overview of the existing United squad, which shows player registration dates and their dates of birth.

Having looked at the current year and beyond, it looks like United will have problems over the next few seasons in relation to the eight players under 21 criterion.

Having studied the overall picture, you have to wonder if the new rules have had any bearing on Ferguson's decision to persuade veteran stars like Scholes and Neville to play on for at least one more season. Giggsy is a slightly different case given he was the most consistent of the home grown trio last season and so he was always going to continue.

Fergie has to omit 16 names from the list below and there's a suggestion Owen Hargreaves and Anderson could be left out of United's initial 25-man list due to injury.


Date signedDate of birth
1. Amos01/08/200810/04/1990
2. Anderson02/07/200713/04/1988
3. Berbatov01/09/200830/01/1981
4. Brown01/08/199613/10/1979
5. Carrick31/07/200628/07/1981
6. Cathcart01/08/200606/02/1989
7. Chester01/07/200823/01/1989
8. Cleverley01/08/200812/08/1989
9. de Laet 08/01/200928/11/1988
10. Drinkwater01/07/200805/03/1990
11. Eikrem01/07/200908/08/1990
12. Evans. J01/07/200603/01/1987
13. Evans. C01/07/200830/07/1990
14. Evra10/01/200615/05/1981
15. Fabio da Silva01/07/200809/07/1990
16. Ferdinand22/07/200207/11/1978
17. Fletcher01/08/200001/02/1984
18. Gibson26/10/200525/10/1987
19. Giggs01/12/199029/11/1973
20. Gill01/07/200915/09/1990
21. Hargreaves01/07/200720/01/1981
22. Hernandez01/07/201001/06/1988
23. Ji Sung Park05/07/200525/02/1981
24. King01/07/200915/01/1992
25. Kuszczak02/07/200720/03/1982
26. Macheda01/09/200722/08/1991
27. Nani02/07/200717/11/1986
28. Neville29/01/199318/02/1975
29. O'Shea01/08/199930/04/1981
30. Obertan08/07/200926/02/1989
31. Owen03/07/200914/12/1979
32. Possebon01/07/200813/02/1989
33. Rafael da Silva01/07/200809/07/1990
34. Rooney31/08/200424/10/1985
35. Scholes29/01/199316/11/1974
36. Smalling01/07/201022/11/1989
37. Stewart01/07/200908/04/1991
38. Valencia30/06/200904/08/1985
39. Van der Sar01/06/200529/10/1970
40. Vidic04/01/200621/10/1981
41. Welbeck01/07/200726/11/1990

Key: Eight players' under age of 21 rule;
Names in Red or Orange will never qualify for the Under 21 rule.
Names in Green qualify.
Names in Blue will qualify - providing they stay with United.


  1. Is this accurate? PremierLeague.com says to be "home-grown" a player simply needs to have been playing in England or Wales for 3 yrs before 21, and not at one specific club.

  2. I think you've misunderstood the rules. The eight players don't have to have been at the club for three seasons prior to the age of twenty-one, just with an English club.


  3. This is wrong. Home grown in this rule means, irrespective of current age and nationality, a player that has been registered to any english league club for 3 years prior to his 21st birthday, meaning Owen and Rooney would be classed as home grown

  4. I thought the ruling was that for a player to be classed as homegrown they had to be trained by any professional English club for 3 years before the age of 21 and not just the club they play for now.

  5. err, not sure you have the rules correct on this. I'm sure that the players only have to be registered for 3 years with a club affiliated to the English or Welsh FA before they are 21. So Rooney and Owen would both qualify, not sure about anyone else I'm a merseyside blue but think this new rule could have a massive affect on the Premiership betting, hence trying to find out who qualifies and who doesn't.

  6. Err, we got some of the colour coding wrong it seems :0)
    I have sacked Statto. I think he got the players in red correct, but that's about it.

  7. Am i correct that Valencia and Nani are qualify as home grown players? Anderson too? Because they have been playing for 3 years with an English club.

  8. Im still unclear about this new rule. So for Arsenal, i think this will hugely affect them?

  9. And Rio and carrick would also qualify under Home Grown players rule too.


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