Wednesday, June 23, 2010

United fail to land Joe Cole: A new transfer low point?

According to the BBC, Manchester United will NOT be signing Joe Cole this summer. A senior club source has reportedly confirmed that Ferguson will not be recruiting the out of contract England midfield maestro.

Last summer Ferguson failed to make any serious moves to find a long-term successor to Paul Scholes. Wesley Sneijder would have been the perfect choice, but United didn't even attempt to sign the Dutchman and Jose Mourinho snapped him up for just 15 million Euros. Inter Milan went on to win the Champions League, as well as a domestic league and cup double and Sneijder was at the very heart of it.

Barcelona exposed glaring weaknesses in United's midfield 13 months ago in the Champions League final; since then it has become crystal clear that the engine room is in serious need of attention.

Owen Hargreaves has so far failed in his attempts to regain full fitness following a dreadful run of problems with his knees. Anderson, hasn't fulfilled his early promise and Michael Carrick has fallen down the first-team pecking order, so much so that reports have suggested the player is up for sale.

Ferguson is still having to rely on Scholes and Giggs. Giggs was more consistent than Scholes last season, but there's no doubting the importance of the veteran midfield duo.

Ferguson's problems are not restricted to midfield; there are serious issues up front, in central defence and in the goal-keeping department.

However, when a player like Joe Cole comes on the market and he's available on a free transfer, you have to ask why it is that United will not be making a move to sign him.

Questions need to be asked and answered, especially if Joe Cole ends up signing for Manchester City. Could it be the case that United cannot even meet wage demands of targets like Joe Cole? If that is the case, it will mark a new low for United and the supporters who would have loved to have seen Joe Cole in the red shirt.

If on the other hand, Cole wants to stay in London for whatever reason, then there's no much United can do about that.

Worryingly, reports also suggest Vidic could soon be joining Real Madrid and with no signs of any proven quality replacements arriving United could well be heading for big trouble this coming season.


  1. pink? when did this blog become pink? I usually read this on google reader...but stopped by to leave a message....and the blog was pink! pink i tell you? Not red, not white but right down the middle pink! I forgot my comment .... :( was a good one too

  2. I think it might be that he wants to stay in London for family reasons. In any case Ozil of Germany or even Donovan of the US would be brilliant additions to the squad if ever possible.

    Ferguson must also be considering Kiessling who was the top German scorer in the Bundesliga last season, and might just be tempted to play for the greatest club in the world.

  3. I really hope the BBC are wrong on this. I really dont get it. Its a no-brainer. Joe Cole is a creative midfielder, we need a creative midfielder. Joe Cole is a great player, we need great players. Joe Cole is free, we need bargain signings. I really wont understand Fergie if he lets this pass him by.

    Lets just hope its because Fergie has someone else in mind. Someone like Sneijder or Silva.

    James, a friend today was saying how impressed he has been with Elano and Luis Fabiano and how they would be perfect for United. What do you reckon?

  4. I will look at changing it just for you, the colour that is!

  5. Dave,

    Elano and Fabiano are both good players and would do well at any club (apart from City :0) ).

    My problem is I cannot see Fergie signing anyone now if we cannot compete on wages that's assuming Cole has turned us down for City, but hopefully that won't be the case.

  6. Uday,

    IF it is because he doesn't want to uproot his family, then fine, but if it's down to wages then we should all be concerned, because it will mean we cannot compete on fees AND wages. Seriously worrying if that is the case.

    I agree with you about Ozil. Not sure about the others tbh...


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