Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rooney is England scapegoat: What next another mock hanging?

Here we go again, the build 'em up, knock 'em down tabloid press are at it again and this time the target is Wayne Rooney. There was bound to be ramifications following Rooney's ill-advised, heat of the moment rant at the TV cameras the other night immediately after that bore draw with Algeria. But it was just that, a heat of the moment blast at those England fans who'd booed the team off the pitch.

The England fans didn't boo the team while they were playing, and even if they had, the Vuvuzelas would surely have drowned them out, but as soon as that dreadful game came to its sorry conclusion the fans let-rip and you can understand that given how shocking England were on the night.

Personally, I can totally understand the fans' getting frustrated, even if booing is unlikely to instill any confidence in the players who appear to be on the floor. But there are mitigating circumstances, because England have been nothing short of shocking at the World Cup.

What is particularly disappointing is the tabloid press targeting Rooney; the News of the World today claims that so called England 'insiders' have labeled the United striker as a 'prima donna'. It is hard to believe that in the space of just three weeks the United striker has transformed into a different character from the one who played so well for his club all season. You could call Rooney many things, but a prima donna just doesn't seem right.

But then again United fans won't be too surprised about this turn of events, because it is entirely predictable; it happened with David Beckham after the 1998 World Cup when Hoddle was the England manager. Beckham was sent off in the round of 16 knockout tie with Argentina, the game ended in a draw but England went on to lose on penalties. Beckham was targeted by the press and blamed for England's failure; it didn't take the lynch mob long to string up an effigy of the player outside a London pub. What chances of a repeat performance if England are eliminated later this week?

If anyone should be blamed for England's pathetic performances then surely it is the manager. If Rooney or anyone else isn't pulling their weight then it is the manager's job to sort it out. In the same circumstances you cannot imagine this happening under Ferguson.

Rooney hasn't become a demon in the last three weeks, and contrary to what the tabloids would have us believe, he is not the exorcist. The fact is England are failing and Capello has been unable to get the best out of his players, what's more, the Italian has been guilty of making many squad and team selection mistakes.

If anyone it to blame it is Capello.


  1. England deserved to be booed at full time, The fans are entitled to show their disappointment, and then its left.

    The game on Friday was abysmal and the players cant expect anything else.

    That said, it was last Fridays game, No individual player was to blame in my eyes, they were poor as a collective. Its now time to start rallying again and getting straight back behind them. The media are just filling column inches, hopefully the players wont see much of it and come Wednesday they will have their heads together to go out and take us to the next round of the world cup!

    COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!

  2. I agree Gary, the Rooney episode should have been a storm in a tea-cup, but the media have to take things too far with these totally uncessary character assassinations.

  3. I do agree that Rooney was not to blame but for saying to the camera for what he say is a disgrace. Being a united fans should not side with this kind of discipline. The whole world is watching and many ladys and kids who dont know much about him watches it and it damage a lot of image. I know he say it in a heat of moment but this kind of things are not acceptable. I think there is some mistake in choosing Rooney all the time. I find now that Fergie and Capello are afraid of subbing Rooney out when he is not playing well. Rooney is the one who is very good when he is on form but very bad when is off. So i do hope that manager choose player according to the form on the pitch and not by name. Rooney is a human and not a robot and i dont think he should start every game.

  4. Rooney should be treated like any other player. He isn't playing well and so he could be rested. Here again, it is up to Capello to sort it out.

  5. if they were really england supporters they would never boo their team; if they were glory-hunting ingerland supporters then this is just what they do, and they did. hence the need for a scapegoat.
    rooney said what he did because he is a football lover. do these 'supporters' really think the players needed reminding what a poor performance they gave?

  6. @Stephen.
    Sorry were you at the game? I was watching it on tv and the performance was god awful. I felt as if I had wasted 90 minutes of my life watching an England team that just couldn't be arsed. Its nothing to do with glory hunting... Those fans spent thousands of pounds to be at that game. I know people who went to that match that have been saving money for years to be there and others who will be paying off this 'dream holiday' for years to come. It would have been different if England had just been outplayed or beaten by a better team. The fans had every right to boo them - everyone at home watching that match would have booed them too if they had the chance.
    It was a terrible performance. The worst England performance I can remember seeing. Not one of those players can honestly say they gave it there all. Its the world cup finals - the pinnacle competition in football. Every person on the planet who has ever kicked a ball dreams of playing at the world cup and would kill to be any one of those England players. They simply didn't try and whilst you can point fingers at capello and his somewhat stupid choices regarding formation/subs, 11 english men started that match and not one of them put any effort in.

    "do these 'supporters' really think the players needed reminding what a poor performance they gave?" yes. they do need reminding of it. What did you think the fans should have done? Cheer them off? Well done lads good effort? They were shit. They didn't try to win that game. Think back to all the interviews and pre-match crap from players like Gerrard and Lampard saying our world cup starts now. that we dropped the ball against America but now is our time to shine... they made all the right noises pre-match about the importance of this game and then they played like that! I'm sorry mate I do see where you are coming from but they don't deserve a pat on the back and better luck next time approach. The result itself isn't the end of the world - I'd sooner the 0-0 with Algeria than Italys 1-1 with New Zealand but the performance was so so bad. Not one of those players wanted to be on that pitch. Something is seriously wrong with that team.

    Rooney acted the same way 99% of the population would. Someone tells you that you are shit - natural response is fuck off. He was just on the defensive that's all. It has been blown out of all proportion. His comments have just drawn greater criticism to his performance in that game and like everyone else in a while shirt he was rubbish.
    He hasn't been the same since the injury in the Bayern match. Fergie rushed him back for the exact same reason England have flogged him to death. United needed him to carry us to the champions league and premiership title. So we rushed him back and then kept on playing him just hoping he would hit his stride again. Capello has done the same, hes playing bad but keep playing him in that hope something just clicks.

    I'm more concerned as a United fan than as an England fan. for 75% of last season Rooney was amazing. The last 25% he was knackered and couldn't give us anymore. This form/condition has passed on to England and even when the world cup ends its just a few weeks until the season starts. The guy will still be knackered when the premiership starts and if United rely on him as much as we did last season (and signs suggest we will without any major signings) then we are in trouble. Rooney is burnt out and my fear is that there wont be a big enough break for him until the league starts. I don't think he can reach the level he did last season pre injury without some substantial time off.

  7. Great reply. I agree with you all the way. I too am very concerned about Rooney in ref to next season. I fear we could see an alarming slump from him.

    Let's hope Hernandez can carry the weight of expectation up front alone, because we cannot rely on old 'lazy arse' to step up...

    Regarding England. I read something interesting the other day by Graeme Souness. He thinks that England got it badly wrong with their altitude training and now they are paying the price. It's a different take, but he speaks from experience....

  8. I'd just like to make it clear, it's the media who really annoy me. They stir up tensions and instigate hate campaigns against players like Beckham and Rooney.


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