Wednesday, June 02, 2010

'Red Knights' letting Glazers' stew in their own gravy before making bid....

Contrary to last weekend's mainstream media speculation, the much awaited 'Red Knights' bid for control of Manchester United has not been permanently shelved, it has been temporarily put on the back-burner until after the World Cup. Backed by the 'Green and Gold' campaign, the 'Red Knights' will allow pressure to mount on the Glazers' before making an offer, one that hopefully the owners will be unable to refuse.

Last week the Glazers' reaffirmed they will not sell the club: the owners response was entirely expected and predictable.

MUST welcomes 'Red Knights' statement

Fans' urged not to renew season tickets


  1. There's a lot of "he said she said" going on with this whole discussion. All I hope is that Man U ends up in the hands of the Knights. Any ideas as to what would add pressure on the Glazers in the World Cup? Perhaps Rooney playing remarkably well, or something like that?

  2. willyum

    I think you'll find many supporters will not renew their season tickets this summer. This will put the owners under a degree of pressure, but it won't be enough to make them panick into selling. It might take another season before that happens, but happen it will, it is a question of when and NOT if.

  3. I think they will eventually goes. After 5 season, the debt is still there and not much has been reduced. How do they plan to lower the debt? only way is to sell the players. Greed will cause them to fail.

  4. Ah, I see Ryddel. I think I misunderstood the post haha. I have seen a number of petitions online for the ST thing, and I agree with you that it may take some time. I'll be hoping for the best until then.


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