Saturday, June 26, 2010

An important signing that will make a difference...

It isn't often that I receive an invite to join something worthwhile, but that certainly was the case earlier this week, when an email from dropped into my inbox.

Chances are many readers of this blog will support the Green & Gold campaign as well as MUST - if that is the case, you should definitely join

So what exactly is and why is it important to United fans? was borne out of frustration, it has been created by football fans'; its aims are to prevent and do something about heavily leveraged buyouts of the likes we have seen at United and Liverpool.

Until the Glazers' took over the club, United were cash rich - but we are now the most indebted football club in the world - quite simply, something has to be done to safeguard the future of our beloved club. intends to lobby the FA and the government in a bid to get something done about clubs like United who are in such a perilous financial state.

In a bid to provide an overview of the financial mess facing all too many of our clubs have collated the financial data and presented the figures in an excellent at a glance comparative table:
Get the facts and figures

What you can do:
Sign the Petition
Get Involved
Have your say

This blog is promoting and its aims, because we believe in the principle of the fans' having a greater say in how our clubs are run. Clubs like United should be run for the benefit of the supporters and not for greedy businessmen who have no interest other than furthering their own financial gain at the expense of the football club.

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