Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cole deal done and dusted?: All quiet on the transfer front...

We are in the middle of what could be described as a mini football hiatus, the biggest news this week (aside from high-profile managerial movements) was England getting on the plane to South Africa - that and Capello's decision to axe, Theo Walcott, aka, the 'Speed-boat without a driver' as he was described by an Arsenal fan last week.

Every day seems like 'Groundhog Day', but what about United, shouldn't Fergie be busy in the transfer market, especially given the World Cup is just around the corner? The answer is, yes, of course Fergie should be busy in the transfer market right now. Sadly, if we are to believe Ferguson, United will only make one additional proven quality signing this summer - it is to be hoped that player is Joe Cole.

According the latest news, Joe Cole will decide his future after the World Cup, but it is inconceivable talks haven't already taken place with his advisers. If Cole has ambitions of winning yet more silverware, then surely there's only one serious option and that is Manchester United.

Fergie definitely needs to sign at least one new central defender plus a striker in addition to an attacking play-maker. Javier Hernandez could provide the answer up front, but he's very much in the Michael Owen mould. The question is, do United need another Michael wen? Personally, I think not.

What Ferguson needed was a different attacking option, an all round striker like Drogba; Benzema might provide something different, but given his lack of appetite for the Premier League, will he come? It's one thing making up shopping lists, but if the manager has no money to spend then it's a pointless exercise, but for sure Fergie will be winging it next season if he only signs Joe Cole.

Finally, spare a thought for our 'old friends' from the wrong end of the East Lancs Road. The Scousers look set to off-load Rafa, like or loathe him, he's not that bad - especially given the lack of obvious replacements. Some Liverpool fans thought they were in with a serious chance of persuading Mourinho to join them. They don't need Jose, they need Billy Graham. It would be funny if our own situation at United was not equally as bad, if not worse.


  1. J.Cole and hid family do not want to move out of their house in London so I don't think he will sign for ManUTD

  2. Utd have no money. SAF and Gill have wasted it all on duds like Berba et el. Don't blame Glazers. SAF should leave with some dignity.

  3. John,

    I actually agree with you about wasting money. Not sure it's time for Fergie to go though, not just yet at any rate.

  4. Joe Cole's final pass is questionable. He's good ad disorganizing defenses, dribbles well, he's versatile but all these do not yield much without a quality final pass. besides, the guy is old. I don't think we really need him. On the contrary I think Nani, Obertan and Tosic deserve their chance to establish themselves. What United needs at the moment is prominent cover to Edwin Van Der Sar, and Akinfeev (CSK Moscow) will do. We also need a "deep six" player like Denielle De Rossi from Roma to replace Roy Keane.

  5. Think gnc217 has a point. I cant see Cole leaving London. Arsenal are an outside bet but think he will end up at Tottenham... shame cos I half hoped they would take Carrick off our hands!

    Having said that if there is any chance in hell of Cole joining us then Fergie should do whatever it takes to get him here. He would rejuvinate this team.

    I honestly believe Fergies hands are tied - that if the money was really there then he would spend it and get the 19th title he wants so badly. I just think Gill is a puppet of the Glazers (cant blame him, they pay his wages) and whilst he claims we have £95m to spend the truth behind the scenes is we dont have 2 pennys to scratch our arse with.

  6. Dave,

    I agree with you about Fergie should do everything in his powers to bring Cole to United. Time will tell on the London point.

    Gill and Fergie have both publicly supported the Glazer regime, I can understand Gill having to do that, but Fergie is more powerful and so he could have said nothing at all. Many hardcore United fans are extremely disappointed with Ferguson.

  7. Henry,

    Question for you: Is Obertan going to replace Scholes? The answer is NO, not even in the short-term, but Cole could do that. There's nothing wrong with Cole's passing and as he showed last weekend, he links up extremely well with Rooney. Tosic will soon be sold, or so I hear, depending if United can get some decent money for him. Cole is capable of unlocking the door in Europe and in the PL, what's more he's on a free...

    I agree with your point about the goalkeeping situation. You can add at least one centre-back plus a first-class striker to your shopping list. The problem is Fergie is cash strapped, and so there's not much hope of any big names arriving this summer.

  8. James,
    I don’t agree with you when you say that Joe Cole can replace Paul Scholes. At 28, Joe Cole already has his best years behind him. Just think for a moment what Scholes had already accomplished at the age of 28, the level of his game, scoring rate, his ability to control the tempo of the game, the quality of his passing, vision, tackles, match reading and ability to bring his team-mates into the game. Scholes is a genius, whom United will struggle to replace. I think Anderson can be psychologically addressed to step in. Gibson is another lad who deserves a bigger chance in the first team. Obertan is a prospect, who is destined to accomplish much more than Joe Cole, remember he can play out wide, in the middle and can lead the line. He just needs time and ‘no suffocation’ from people like Cole to bend in.
    Besides Joe Cole being so close to Scholes’ age bracket, he has a long history of injuries. Remember, we already gambled on other ‘old-sick-men’ in the names of Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves, whose absence at critical times has cost us the Premiership and Champions League this season.
    Joe Cole’s wage demands! Yet another undoing. He has been earning 80,000 pounds a week and he’s not willing to bag anything less than 100,000, from a club he has not represented for a year. The guy is not realistic at all. He has been at the Chelsea since 2003 and by now, if he had any semblance to Scholes, he would have had the humility and commitment enough to pen a new deal. Has he done anything spectacular this season to justify the wage demands? NO. He’s just selfish, to say the least.
    I also question Cole’s strength as a player, especially in a physical game. That’s not all; his Ariel ability is very questionable. How many times have we seen him win a header?
    I don’t want you to get me wrong. I totally agree that Joe Cole is a technically gifted player, whose trickery may serve to unlock defenses, but United deserves a player who can do much more that this, especially if he’s nearing his retirement, injury-prone, demands high wages, and lacks love and commitment to his club. United needs a strong, creative, versatile, ambitious, selfless and humble midfielder. He should be strong in the air, with ability to shoot from range, with a quality final pass and excellent tackler to fill Paul schools’ shoes. And certainly, this is NOT JOE COLE.

  9. Henry,

    We will have to agree to disagree on Cole. At 28, Cole is in his prime. Sneijder would have been a better bet, but Ferguson never even tried to sign him and that says a lot about his lack of judgement IMO. I think Fergie has actually lost his nerve after wasting so much money on Berbatov, Carrick and sadly Hargreaves.

    Regarding Gibson: he will be sold within two years he simply isn't up to it. The jury is out on Obertan, but no way will he ever make it in central midfield as you have suggested. I doubt Anderson has a long term future at United too.

  10. In my opinion , Joe Cole to United, tempting it is for free, would not fit simply because of his ties with the Blues. I am a little rigid with regard to players joining United who do not appear committed or loyal. Cole would not want anything more than his extravagant salary cheque, as I gather he demands.

    With regard to the comments above, Obertan has not given me the best feeling, Tosic on the other hand I'd like him staying.
    What do you think?

  11. Deka,

    Tosic will soon be history and I'm not convinced about Obertan's future at United.


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