Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rise of the Red Knights: Glazer and Gill the hypocrite on borrowed time? Let us hope so....


If the early indications are anything to go by, the Rise of the Red Knights could turn out to be more than just mooted takeover talk. After much media speculation it was confirmed that the Red Knights have held a meeting with a view to putting together a proposal that could lead to an offer to take control of Manchester United.

The Knights are working alongside MUST, Manchester United Supporter Trust, who in turn are orchestrating the hugely successful 'Green and Gold' campaign, the brainchild of Red Issues Chatmaster. MUST set an initial target of 100,000 members and they are well on their way to achieving that figure; earlier today the total stood at around 78,000, at the time of posting it is well over 93,000.

If the Glazers and David Gill think the fans will be silenced, the numbers and the explosive rate at which new members are joining will surely make them think again. The time looks right for MUST and the Knights; together they have harnessed the power of the internet and the social networks to spread the word. There's much work to be done and everyone who has joined the campaign has to be prepared to back MUST and the Red Knights with their support and importantly cash when called upon, the latter is absolutely vital if the fans hopes of bringing about an end to the financially crippling Glazer regime are to be realised.

It is very early days and talk of any firm offer from the Knights won't happen as quickly as many would like; for their part the Glazers say "Manchester United is not for sale". But they would say that, it is common practice in business to say that; it was only a couple of weeks back that Cadbury's were rejecting the advances of Kraft - ironically another American company - but the deal eventually went through because ultimately money talks... everyone has their price. What's more, the Glazers will be aware that supporters will be asked not to renew their season tickets when the time comes...

United have become almost desperate to sell tickets for some home games this season, they have reverted to 'cold calling' fans - never in the illustrious history of the club has this happened before. Clearly, United are feeling the pinch already with many corporate suites empty - and it is going to get a LOT worse...

It is to be hoped the Glazers will eventually see sense, because they need to realise they have no future at Manchester United and the fans will eventually drive them out.

United's CEO, David Gill was interviewed on Sky Sports News earlier this afternoon, he was asked about the Red Knights; Gill somewhat contradicted himself when hinting that Knights' supremo Keith Harris is a 'publicity seeker', but he followed up his cheap shot by admitting both he and former United director and city big-shot Jim O'Neill are credible people...

Gill says as far as he is concerned the Glazers are running the club in the 'correct way', but he has a very short memory because prior to the Glazer takeover, it was Gill who coined the phrase 'Debt is the Road to Ruin'. David Gill is a hypocrite and like the Glazers it is to be hoped he is on borrowed time...


  1. I have join and like more people to join. We have seen enough of them talking money to repay their debt. This is the moment of time to let the fans talk. Debt is the road to bankrupt. Although i still cant trust the Red Knight fully but at least i feel they are doing something. This is a risk however, why not take the risk with our fellows fans? Why take those risk with the Glazer who only wants money from the club.

  2. kateku-kel,

    A relatively small amount of debt isn't so bad, but what the Glazers have done is totally ridiculous and it should never have been allowed to happen.

  3. Brian,

    You haven't got a clue, this isnt just about investing in the sense of making money - that is the mistake the Glazers (and others are making).

    Football clubs belong to the fans and hopefully that is what will happen at United.

    The vast majority of fans won't be looking for any return on their investment, they will be investing for the sake of the future of Manchester United, but I don't expect you to understand that.

  4. Is that a man behind the Stretford end with a billion pounds ? No it's a pig flying ! How is it all the fans wwearing the green & gold are unable to answer such a simple question.? Where is the billion pounds coming from?

  5. Brian,

    How many United fans are there around the world? If we are to believe United's (bullshit marketing) they have 3 million in China alone. If you Google the subject you will find figures ranging from 94 million to over 300 million. I have no idea how many they have, but it is a lot and if MUST can persuade enough of them to contribute then who knows. Like I say; the time is right.

  6. Why have you not published my original blog ? You have replied 'you havn't got a clue' Bloggers will not know what you are on about !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rogan Taylor organised a Liverpool fans buy out two years ago. However despite Liverpool's value being considerably less than United 's ,their Americans are still in place. Of course no United fan is happy that money is being taken out to service the debt. But there is no doubt that unless there is an arab with unlimited pockets ,like the one who bought the bitters, the Glazers are here to stay.

  8. Brian,

    I don't want to run down the Dirties, but that campaign isn't the best.

    In contrast and in the space of just 48 hours, MUST have enlisted tens of thousands of new members. Admittedly, signing up for free is completely different than asking for hard cash and that will be the acid test - that along with season ticket holders sacking it for a season or two.

    Liverpool is a much easier beast to tackle at least it should be from the fans' perspective where a potential buy out is concerned.

    I honestly believe MUST & co have a real chance. Only time will tell.

  9. I do feel the fans need to do the talking with their feet. This will definitely force the Glazer out. The Glazer are stalling time and with more years to come, definitely with all the technology to come, more revenues. By then i feel the chance of getting the Glazer will be low. Towards to the end of the season to the start of next will be the chance.


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