Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Steward sacking: Glazers' ensure spotlight is on "Green and Gold" campaign...

Oh dear, they've scored another own goal. I'm not referring Portsmouth, no, I'm on about the Glazer family and CES who provide the stewards on match-days at Old Trafford. If I'm being totally honest, I find it quite difficult to feel sorry for Granville Boden, who has been sacked for handing back an anti Glazer banner to its owners after it was confiscated at the recent Burnley game. It isn't personal, I don't know Boden, he's probably a decent bloke and he could have been a reasonable steward, not all of them are total ****s. Judging by his actions, Boden clearly is a decent bloke, he is a long-standing fan too.

The problem is being a steward has taken on a stigma at Old Trafford, at least that is the view of many supporters; this is largely because of their heavy handed approach to stewarding, some of them are proper little Hitlers.

But in the defence of the stewards, just like the Nazis' they are only "carrying out orders". In this case, we are referring to directives from the very top to clamp down on anything or anyone who speaks out against the Glazer regime.

But what the Glazers and CES are doing is actually counter productive; in sacking Boden and removing those banners, the fans Green and Gold campaign is being given even greater exposure in the media. It's win, win for the fans'.

Keep it up Malc and & Co, at this rate everyone will soon be sporting the Green and Gold.

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  1. Hi,

    if you want to question CES for their unethical handling of the situation, here is their contact page:


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