Friday, February 19, 2010

Should Fergie send Vidic to Coventry?...

I'm certain I'm not the only United fan who is more than a bit concerned about Nemanja Vidic's no-shows this season. The Serbian pulled out of the recent fateful FA cup tie with Leeds. If we are to believe the rumours, that was by no means the first time there has been question marks about Vidic's willingness to pull on the red shirt.

We have been led to believe the player has started to suffer with niggling injury problems; it is quite hard to accept given this hitherto man of iron has seemingly transformed into another Louis Saha - a player who needed to be wrapped in cotton wool. Unlike Saha, Vidic has been a regular first choice pick and the feeling was United's former French striker was something of a mard arse. So much so that in the end it was something of a blessed relief when Saha was sold to Everton, he had become a pain in the backside.

Fergie was asked about Vidic's injury problems prior to the Milan game this week; he didn't hide his frustration, when letting it be known the player has been in full training for fully 10 days. It isn't as if Vidic has been out injured with a broken leg, or that he's had a big operation like Hargreaves, no, not a bit of it. The clear inference being there's nothing wrong with Vidic - he is fit to play.

Whatever game Vidic is playing it is likely to end in tears - if he's angling for an improved deal, someone needs to tell him he is going about it the wrong way.

Personally, I'm amazed that Fergie has put up with the nonsense for as long as he has and I have no faith in Vidic's claims about him wanting to stay at the club for the duration of his contract. I fully expect Vidic to be sold either to one of the big Spanish club's or else the self proclaimed "biggest club in the world" Man City.

Vidic had hero status, but he is fast becoming a full blown Pariah.


  1. Aye...we'll have him. Cheers!

    Lee, Sky Blues Fan

  2. It is worrying, but he is back today so we'll see... hopefully he will find that passion once more

  3. I am not so sure about him wanting to leave though. Unless Barca and Real come with a LOT more money than he makes. Then again the way we defended the last game, maybe we should pay up and keep some semblance of sanity at the back! Without him our choices are Ferdinand, Brown (both Crocks now), Evans (who suddenly seems to have lost his radar!), O'Shea(well...) and the "potential" of Smalling, De Laet....


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