Sunday, February 07, 2010

Glazers' strongarm tactics failing to silence Green and Gold revolution...

The Green and Gold campaign to oust the Glazer family from Old Trafford is gathering pace. At yesterday's Premier League clash with Portsmouth, the colours Green and Gold were much in evidence as the Champions ran out comfortable 5-0 winners. Two Green and Gold banners were held aloft towards the end of the game but were subsequently forcibly taken down by club 'stewards'.

It isn't the first time these so called stewards' have taken such action recently and no doubting it won't be the last. In the bigger picture, it is unlikely to have any effect on the campaign; if anything it just gives it more publicity. BBC5 Live's commentary team repeatedly gave mention to the swathes of Green and Gold colours in the stands, the stewards’ action didn't go unnoticed either.

February 6th is of course a special day in the United calendar, it marks the anniversary of the 1958 Munich air disaster in which so many players and club officials lost their lives.

Prior to the Portsmouth clash that fell on the anniversary of that fateful day, a minute's silence was impeccably held, it was befitting of the occasion. At the end of the tribute the supporters' held aloft their scarves, many of them in the green and gold of Newton Heath. Predictably, once again a club steward was caught by the media telling a supporter to put down his Green and Gold club colours. But again the act backfired as Radio 5 Live's presenter conveyed the act to tens of millions of fans listening around the world...

It was a day that the team scored five goals on the pitch and the Glazers' henchmen scored a net full of it as the Green and Gold anti Glazer movement gathers more steam.


  1. It was quite breath-taking actually, I could hear the 'We want Glazers out!' chants in TV all the way in India.

    Keep up the good work MUST, I'm looking into ways I can contribute too.

  2. Uday, You must have very big ears ;0)!

    You can contribute by joining up!

  3. I could hear the crowd all the way here in Texas as well. It seemed like when one of Pompey's players was injured for a few minutes that the crowd got much louder with the anti-glazer chants.

    Thanks for the MUST link, I just joined.

    On a separate note, did you get the feeling the Nani was less effective on the left? Ignoring the fact that he never uses his left foot, I don't think Valencia could play any other position so Nani will get frustrated from that side again. I hope I am wrong but let's see if it happens.

  4. Evgenni,

    Yup, the crowd are on message about the Glazers now, it has taken long enough.

    Regarding Nani on the left, I think you make a good point and I agree with you about Valencia.

    Despite this Nani looks more confident now, his recent performances have been a big boost for all concerned.

  5. Ah, I notice that the header has changed to the quite appropriate green and gold.

    I was wondering if I'd landed on the wrong blog for a moment :)

  6. Hey guys,

    One thing IS for sure though, the LUHG movement/campaign is fast gaining momentum !
    I really really wish I could get my hands on those scarves though, I've been looking around here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for an alternative acrf with almost the identical colours but have been unlucky so far.
    My best wishes to you guys out there !



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