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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest ***t of them all, Vidic, Ronaldo or Tevez?

The foul weather has the UK in its icy grip; the kids are among the few who are counting themselves lucky with no schools to go to, but there's very good reason for Ferguson to be happy too, because United have been spared what would no doubt have been a torrid encounter with Manchester City in the first-leg of the Carling Cup semi-final due to the weather conditions.

So lady luck has once again smiled upon Ferguson, following the dreadful no-show against Leeds United and what turned out to be a hugely embarrassing defeat in last weekend's FA Cup tie, it remains to be seen if the manager's luck will hold out in the rearranged semi-finals.

Playing City is never rarely easy and of course the 'bitter blues' are still smarting following what they perceive to be an injustice in relation to the league match at Old Trafford earlier this season when Michael Owen scored the winner deep into added time in what was the most absorbing derby for many a long year as United ran out 4-3 winners.

Trophyless City are desperate to win any piece of silverware and most observers know how much winning this Carling Cup semi-final means to them; in last weekend's FA Cup tie with Middlesbrough, City's new manager Roberto Mancini sent out a weakened side in preparation for the big game with United.

City will now face United on January 19th in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final, and this mini hiatus has given everyone connected with Manchester United time to reflect on the dreadful events of last weekend.

Looking forward to the big game with City, Fergie had stated the kids would play - but following the no-show against Leeds, assistant manager Mike Phelan hinted those plans would be is very easy to understand that reasoning, because there was a very real prospect of United being effectively dumped out of two domestic cup competitions within the space of four days, but then the weather intervened and temporarily gave the champions what could be a stay of execution.

As far as the domestic Cup competitions are concerned, United's season could still be over by the time we reach the end of January. Ferguson was by all accounts very unhappy with what he described as a 'shocking' performance against Leeds; the fans' won't have been so shocked given the very up and down nature of the season so far.

Leeds United were always going to be up for it - they almost always are whenever they face United, traditionally, so are United, but at the weekend collectively they were extremely disappointing - and it was the senior players as well as the youngsters who let the side down.

Since that mind-numbing defeat, the future of Nemanja Vidic has been seriously brought into question. After the Leeds defeat Ferguson basically said he had no idea why the Serbian didn't play - there was no hint of covering up - clearly the United manager had every right to be upset with his most important central defender and what's more, it's not the first occasion that there has been question marks surrounding his ‘unavailability’ to pull on the red shirt this season.

Vidic's name has been the source of much media speculation linking with Real Madrid; United fans' have become used to this unwanted attention. While never going on record committing his future to United, Vidic has at least tried to dampen the speculation - this amidst talk that the Serbian wants a massive pay increase.

Whatever the real reason for Vidic's no shows this season, he could be playing a very dangerous game with the fans' and manager alike. Ferguson will not tolerate players’ who let him down - cross him and you pay the price. As far as the fans' are concerned, Vidic has become a cult hero after what was dodgy start at the club. However, the Serbian international is testing the fans' patience too, because clearly his manager was very upset with the player last weekend.

Many United a supporter turned on Ronaldo when he quite honestly and very publicly let it be known that he'd like to join Real Madrid, but at least Ronaldo was honest and importantly while he was still a United player, he desperately wanted to play and start in every game; at the time the media were speculating Real Madrid had told the player to effectively go on strike and refuse to play for United. It is totally justifiable for the fans' to ask if Vidic has initiated such a plan, but instead of going on strike, he is feigning injury.

The fans' also turned on another former player, Carlos Tevez, who is now proving his worth in spades at rivals Man City, the fact that he never stayed on at United is because the club chose to ignore his many pleas for a permanent contract; but like Ronaldo, he never let the club down.

Personally, I have no doubts about the three players mentioned; Vidic is the one who has let the club down most. Like his manager, and no doubting many other United fans, I'm livid with the Serbian.

Ronaldo and Tevez might well have engineered moves out of the club, but when asked, they always played. If Vidic is serious about staying at United and he wants that big pay increase, he is going about it the wrong way – at least he is, if he is feigning injury – although Ferguson stopped short of saying that, the fact that the manager didn’t even attempt to defend the Serbian last weekend speaks for itself.


  1. One of the tabloids claimed Vidic's injury was genuine. He's been a rock at the heart of the United defence in recent seasons and without him they've looked fragile. Is this enough to justify a pay increase?

  2. Aren't you being a bit too quick with your judgement on Vidic? It's no secret that he has had a stop start campaign due to injuries, but lets not use that against him. Last minute pull outs aren't a new thing in football.

    I judge him according to his display on the pitch which barring a few dodgy displays has been exemplary.

    Maybe he wants to engineer a move to madrid or maybe he is just using the interest from madrid to bump up his salary cheque. But wrong methods don't always point to wrong intentions.

  3. Barry,

    If Vidic wants a pay increase he's going about it the wrong way (see the article ref near the end).

  4. Overthinker,

    Fergie's comments at the weekend suggest there wasn't much wrong with the player. According to his agent he knew of no new injury.

    What's more there has been questions about some of his earlier no shows...

    Like I said in the article Vidic is going about this the wrong way IMO.

  5. I agree, Vidic is going at this the wrong way. Ronaldo was(and still is) my favorite soccer player. Sure he left the club for Real, but at least when asked he spoke up and said that he was planning to move. Same with Tevez, although a little different. If you remember, Tevez was on loan to Manchester United. He was never a signed player. So in that retro-spect, it is Man Utd. fault for not giving him a contract. Vidic is trying to get a payraise the entirely wrong way. Faking an injury is just wimpy. The Manchester United fans have plenty reason to be mad at him, unlike with Ronaldo and Tevez.

  6. I had a dream Tevez came to us on loan. Make of that what you will. Vidic, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I hope not, he is gone at the end of the season, I have no worries about that. But as usual its the press giving it "United Doom and Gloom" week.

  7. I think that Vidic isn't as professional as Ronaldo or Tevez, it's obvious that he hasnt any injury, so he must play for the team who is paying him.

    good blog, cheers from nunca podre tener un dinosaurio

  8. I agree, IMO this business about a nerve problem is right out of the Louis Saha book of 'injuries'.

    I've never heard of a player getting stripped to play and then dropping out with such a feeble excuse. My opinion on Vidic hasn't changed, and the fact that he's still out is akin to someone taking more than one day off sick to make it look like it's a genuine illness or in this case an injury.


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