Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fergie tipping Barca to win CL, so much for United's chances...

Manchester United fans' joy at Liverpool's Champions League exit has somewhat been spoilt by our own manager; we should have been laughing at the Scousers and Rafa, but not for the first time of late Ferguson has dropped a clanger when admitting his favourite to win the Champions League is Barcelona.

Fergie is seemingly making a bad habit of putting his big foot in it; he recently blasted Alan Wiley and then had to issue a groveling apology. The latest blunder came about when Fergie was talking to the media ahead of tonight's Champions League clash with Besiktas. The United manager stopped short of saying he's backing Barca at the bookies - that would have been asking for trouble, especially in the wake of yet more 'match-fixing claims' this week. There's nothing wrong with honesty, but surely Fergie will regret his public admission that Barca are his favourites, if he is right they will become the first club to retain the Champions League.

There was an air of desperation in Fergie's latest press conference that took place on Tuesday, the United manager was clearly hoping some of the big guns (not including Liverpool) would fail to qualify for the next phase; apart from Liverpool, it appears Fergie is going to be disappointed because with the exception of possibly Bayern Munich, it is likely the big guns will all qualify.

You do wonder how far United will go in this season's Champions League; the champions lack punch up front and genuine quality strength in depth, added to which questions have been raised about the back four and midfield.

There has been very little to get excited about this week; on Saturday United easily turned over a poor Everton team with Darren Fletcher scoring the goal of the game, which ended 3-0. As a contest, it was a complete non-event. The excitement of the Manchester derby seems like a very long time ago now.

Looking at the fixture list the champions have a run of very winnable games coming up; on paper at least anyway, United don't have a really difficult looking fixture until the end of January when we take on Arsenal at Old Trafford - that is if you don't include this week's clash with Spurs in the Carling Cup.

United could conceivably be top of the Premier League by the time the Arsenal game comes around at the end of January because in that period league leaders Chelsea face the Gunners and Man City away from home.

If Fergie's confirmed favourites to win the Champions League are Barca, you wonder if Chelsea are his favourites to win the Premier League?


  1. Why ? It's a smart thing to do, leaves the pressure off our players, if we are favourites and don't perform it saved a roasting in the press. Chill out.

  2. If only Fergie was trying to deflect attention from his own players - as if there's any serious need for that! He was being honest in his assessment. To be honest, if he'd have said United will win the CL I'd have been just as sceptical about him. Better not to make any predections when you're the manager - then you don't look foolish when it goes pear-shaped.


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