Wednesday, October 14, 2009

England need Rooney, but not as much as United need 'the white Pele'...

Surely Manchester United supporters cannot be the only fans who hate these god awful international breaks’ - it's enough to drive you to drink. With England set to take on Belarus and having already qualified for next year's World Cup Finals', the media are desperately short of material - no surprise then that we are being told Rooney is 'key' to Capello's chances of glory next summer, not exactly news is it?

Apart from Fergie's attack on Alan Wiley, the reaction and apology that followed there hasn't been a reason to read the sports pages or tune into Sky Sports News.

As far as Rooney (aka the white Pele) is concerned, he's picked up an injury which means he will thankfully miss the Belarus game, but hopefully he'll be fit to face the Trotters this weekend when the real action starts again.

While Rooney misses out tonight, Rio Ferdinand has retained his starting place following another dodgy performance last weekend against Ukraine and all eyes will be on the United defender who cannot afford to keep on making high-profile mistakes at club and country level.

As for Fergie, the referees' boss wants him banned from coaching - that response is as ridiculous as the initial attack on Wiley. No doubting Fergie will be hammered with a massive fine, but no way will he banned. According to reports Fergie believes it's 90% certain the FA will throw the book at him, I think he's wrong here, surely it's 100% certain? Apparently, Fergie also thinks the refs and the FA have it in for him - which is a bit odd if true because he started this row and so he cannot really grumble on this occasion.

In other news Rafael da Silva has made a welcome return to action along with new signing Gabriel Obertan in the 3-0 win over Oldham in the Manchester Senior Cup, so it's looking good on the injury front.

After tonight we can look forward to ending our collective snoozefest and look ahead to pasting "Wanky Wanderers" this coming weekend.


  1. The White Pele moved to Real Madrid.

  2. NO, no, my friend.

    Don't you know the words to the song?

    +++++++++ Words to the White Pele +++++++++

    "I saw my mate the other day
    he says to me I've seen the white Pele"

    "So I say, who is he?!"

    "He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney
    Wayne Rooney
    Wayne Rooney
    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney"

    There endeth today's songbook lesson

  3. Rooney is the best striker in english.he ie younger than another stricker. he have multitalents.. VIVA ROONEY !! GLory United !!

  4. hahah, unusually cheerful of you, maybe you've been drinking a lot lately. Yeah, looking forward to return to normal football which I can actually watch on the television.

  5. Uday,

    Unusually cheerful, moi? :0)

    I almost ALWAYS drink a lot and I don't need an excuse, but the international break is better than most.


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