Saturday, September 19, 2009

Message to Fergie: Liverpool is NOT the derby and NEVER has been.

I don't know what Fergie has been drinking or smoking, but whatever it is it appears to have affected his memory because his comment that Liverpool has always been the derby is totally way off beam. Fergie doesn't like Liverpool, that much is clear - and neither do the Red Army. However, while we despise most things from the wrong end of the East Lancs Road (Rooney and the Beatles excluded), the animosity between United and City fans runs deep. Ahead of Sunday's derby with City and whatever Fergie said about Liverpool being the derby, the fact is he knows how much winning means to United fans. United play City this weekend in the 152nd derby, the outcome of every one of those encounters has been important to the fans, but Sunday's clash is, and I make no apologies for this, truly MASSIVE.


  1. I think Fergie said it intentionally to humble Man City...i'm sure that he is aware of the level of this match not less than you and other fans, some of which was not even born when he came to this club.

  2. Yes, very true about his attempts to humble City. It doesn't alter the fact that it makes him look a bit daft. Some of the fans were supporting United before Fergie arrived and hating City with a passsion - the very same fans will be here when Fergie has gone too.

  3. I agree with you to a degree. I have been supporting United since '81 and City is always a massive meeting as it pits me against my father and my brother. I am sure, I am not alone in that respect.

    I believe that our rivalry with Liverpool has softened up some over the years but back in my day, it was always the highlight of the season because at one point the scousers were THE team to beat and had great support across the nation, like United do now. Beating City was always on a personal and local level.

  4. Jason,

    Yeah and we don't work alongside Scousers...


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