Friday, August 14, 2009

Come in number 19? Experts divided on United's title chances....

It should come as no surprise that the expert pundits are divided on who is likely to win the Premier League title this season, however the general consensus is the accepted top four will not change with United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal all finishing in the Champions League positions next May, in fact Sky's Andy Gray is so confident that he'd wager £1,000 on that outcome...

When it comes to actually winning the title, the experts are split:

Alan Hansen and Phil McNulty (BBC): Liverpool
The BBC MOTD pundit is desperately hoping his beloved Liverpool will deny United title number 19 and no doubting the scouse Red Army will concur. McNulty says United will finish third.

Mark Lawrenson and Henry Winter: Manchester United
Despite the loss of Ronaldo the former Liverpool defender says the champions are still the team to beat, but he's also convinced Fergie will bring in a goal-scorer before the window closes. Lawrenson says the Red Devils might well find it more difficult to take six points off the also-rans this season following this summer's high-profile departures. Henry Winter says tipping United is a gamble, but like Lawrenson, he says the Red Devils are still strong enough to retain the title.

Patrick Barclay & Andy Gray: Chelsea
Andy Gray and Patrick Barclay agree that Chelsea will be the strongest having held on to their big star names and with the addition of Carlo Ancelotti at the helm they believe this combination will prove to be too much for the rest. United fans might well recall that it was Barclay who predicted England would go on to win the 2006 World Cup...

So what of big-spending Manchester City, what are their chances of winning the title? No one - apart from City fans - expects them to finish in the top four, but Alan Hansen says of the accepted leading clubs it's Arsenal who are the most likely to come under pressure from the Citizens, that view is completely understandable given the Gunners questionable summer transfer activity.

All in all it promises to be a very interesting season.


  1. Watching the Arsenal game now and they look awesome. I doubt they can be consistent though.

    Did Andy Gray really say he would put a grand on Chelsea for the title? I personally dislike the fella along with Alan Green. I think they are great at what they do but they both clearly hate United.

  2. Tony, I agree with your comments about Gray and Green. Gray actually used the words "if someone gave me £,1000 I'd wager the top four won't change"...or words to that effect..(sorry about the confusion).

    Strange day yesterday, my fantasy team was doing really well until Everton took on Arsenal and on Friday I was seriously considering swapping Howard for Almunia....wish I had now! The Lescott situation really hasn't helped Everton and you do wonder what will happen there.

    I didn't watch the Arsenal game but I listened to the commentary, it sounds like Everton could be in for a rotten season apparently their fans were walking out before half-time.

    I must say I was really impressed with City, Hughes looks to have don a really good job this summer. Barry was the one who took my eye, I didn't realise he is such a good defencesive midfield player until yesterday and he looks to have struck a really nice partnership with Ireland in midfield. Prior to yesterday I was going with the experts who'd predicted a fifth place finish for them but I'm now wondering if they will seriously challenge the top four.


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