Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tevez "refused" more time to think about United offer...

Carlos Tevez will not be wearing the red shirt of Manchester United next season; instead he will more than likely be playing for rivals Manchester City or Chelsea.

Speaking live on Sky Sports News Kia Joorabchian confirmed that talks between United and the player's advisors' ended on Friday night after it emerged that the Argentine wanted more time to think about his future and United's offer of a five year contract.

Kia Joorabchian said that in the end the two parties agreed not further talks and that the deal collapsed by mutual consent. Joorabchian also hinted that Tevez may well feel aggrieved at his treatment given the club has had two years to secure the player's long term future.

Clearly United are in a hurry to sort out the squad for next season but fans will want to know why the club couldn't have made their offer to the player earlier. United are now looking to sign not one but two world-class strikers, which is going to be very expensive indeed.

Questions should be asked of David Gill regarding his future if United do not fill the void left by Ronaldo and Tevez. The fans accept losing Ronaldo was unavoidable but there's no excuse concerning the Argentine.


  1. If tevez is as honourable as he and his agent would have us believe then there would be nothing to consider. He told the fans how muched he loved them and the club and whinged for the last 6 months about not being spoken to about a new contract. Instead of accepting a new contract, he chose to throw our unflenching support and affection back in our faces. To say I am disappointed with him is putting it mildly. David Gill does have questions to answer though.

  2. We don't need an unhappy player and we certainly don't need that slimeball joorabchian hanging about. Ta ra. Next!

  3. Questions do need to be asked because we are hearing from players such as Tosic that Ronaldo had decided to leave weeks ago, coupled with the fact that United knew Tevez was unhappy because the club had dragged their feet about this new deal. I have been speaking to a few time-served Reds' and the reaction to the latest news is mixed, some say good riddance but there's a great deal of unhappiness about the way the club has handled the Ronaldo and Tevez situations.

    United stand accused of messing up big time and as of yet there's nothing to suggest a goal-scorer will be signed.

    The absolute worst thing the club can do is panic buy - that will not solve anything. Valencia smacks of a panic buy because it has taken him three seasons to score nine goals (I think) and Tevez bagged 15 last season. IF you take out United's top scorers from the season just gone the rest of the squad only managed 15 between and that is a very worrying stat because it highlights how much the team has relied on four players

    20 June 2009 13:52:00 GMT

  4. Stephen,

    But we do need players who are capable of scoring 15 goals a season and few will question the contribution of Tevez.

    It is disappointing that some fans could turn against a player who has done his best for United.

    Agents' are part of the game and Joorabchian made it clear the decision was the player's.

  5. Donal Kelly really gets to the point that I have been thinking about, what is there to think about? Tevez had been with the club for two years already. Also, Kia makes the comment that he was trying to think about where he wanted to spend the next five years. To all that should raise flags, another 25M for 5 years. The story would be totally different if Kia said Tevez needed more time to think about where he was going to spend the rest of his career, but that is not the case. That should raise flags for some as to how long he plans to stay around considering his past comments about wanting to return to Argentine on another note.

    On another point, I hate when players seemingly show a lack of intelligence. I hate to say it, but I think that Tevez is doing just that. When he gets to Man City they will have Robinho, Santa Cruz, Bellamy, and himself. They may have others as well. Tevez will fill the same role as Robinho. Nothing guarantees him that he will play before Robinho. Furthermore, Hughes is brave, but will also be under pressure so more likely to pull the trigger to make a change in his team.

    Chelsea, on the other hand, have stability problems. Yeah, Ancelloti is there and you can rant on about that, but the feeling at Chelsea now is problem the same feeling they had with Scolari. Moreover, if Chelsea extend Drogba's contract that means he is going to play leaving only one starting striker position. Tevez playing in the hole again is not guaranteed playing time because Lampard will always play. He pushes into that hole, Tevez will be crowded. That is assuming also they play with two strikers which is no guarantee. They may play with one striker in which case Tevez will still struggle for play time.

    Ultimately, my point is that Tevez is not guaranteed playing time anywhere. Nor at Man City or Chelsea is he guaranteed stability. Those are the two places where the most stability problems will probably be. That simply is not the case at United. I do not think Tevez is using his brain. We will have to wait and see though.

  6. For what it's worth, I was told about a week ago that Tevez had agreed to sign for City for £160,000 a week, this rumour actually came from someone who is very well connected at United.

    However, the player hasn't signed for anyone yet and rather than get into the reasons why he hasn't signed (which is open to debate), I'm more concerned about what United will do next because that is the big concern - where are the goals coming from next season?

    I've stated this a few times already but I will do it again. I think it could take United a couple of seasons to recover from the loss of Ronaldo - during which time we might also see the back of Ferguson.

    United have relied on Ronaldo's goals too much and so the rest of the team haven't been contributing enough by way of goals. Giggs and Scholes are finished and so there's a lot of rebuilding to be done, not only up front but in midfield.

    It's a bit like when we sold Stam - it took the club a couple of seasons to recover.

    We will be better able to make predictions though once we know who the club has signed and that could drag on until the end of August so we have that to look forward to (not).

  7. We need to sign TWO world class strikers?

    a bit much isn't it? part of the reason that Tevez is leaving - and it's a legit reason - is that he didn't get enough games behind Berbatov and Rooney.. do you think that we're going to find two other world class strikers who will be just fine SHARING the games that Tevez got this season?

    we'll be lucky to find one who's okay with coming off the bench, and IMO we need to give our youngins a fair shot here.

  8. Jonny,

    Quite right, what United NEED and what they will get are likely to be two very different things which is why I've repeatedly been saying it is going to a couple of years to get over this....we have never been able to attract the very best players from the continent and I do not see that changing.

    Veron only came to United because of the passport scandal. Cantona wasn't really a big star before he arrived and no one else really wanted Van Nistelrooy.

    Fergie, or whoever else takes over, has to find the next David Beckham or Ronaldo - that is the way for forward for United. Macheda could get his big chance and if so I hope he takes it.


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