Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is Valencia fit to lace Ronaldo's boots?

Is it only me that laughed when I read that Real Madrid have cooled their interest in signing Atonio Valencia? The theory behind this "turn of events" is that it leaves the way clear for Manchester United - the story smacks of another kite flying exercise in the long running saga concerning the future of Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid's unwelcome pursuit of the player.

I for one do not expect Fergie to allow Ronaldo to leave Old Trafford, not unless the manager quits too, but it's fair to say the Scot has surprised me in the past and so it cannot be totally ruled out.

Apart from the fact that I don't actually believe Ronaldo will join Madrid this summer, I have a bit of a problem with talk of Valencia arriving as his potential replacement, because we are talking about parting company with arguably the world's best player in exchange for someone who is unproven, but that won't stop United from paying silly money if the champions reported interest turns out to be actually true.

United are also being linked with Franck Ribery, who is a talented player, but again he isn't in Ronaldo's class - who is? The fact is replacing Ronaldo will be an impossible task, so it’s a no brainer from that perspective. Losing Ronaldo is one thing, but it looks as though United might also lose Tevez and that is totally unacceptable in the view of many fans.

The champions would be better off selling Nani and Berbatov and replacing them with players who will add to the squad. Nani has been an expensive failure. Berbatov flatters to deceive and hasn't produced in the big games - perhaps worse still, his arrival has marginalised fans favourite Carlos Tevez.

Fergie needs to get his act together on transfers this summer because we cannot afford to sign any more expensive passengers.

If Manchester United allow Ronaldo and Tevez to leave this summer they will struggle next season, in my opinion they will do well to finish in the top four.


  1. United have to sell Tevez. He is a poorer version of Rooney and gets nowhere near as many assists and goals per game as Rooney. United need a new striker who offers them something different so I hope Tevez signs for City.

    If Ronaldo does go, lets hope its soon so Utd have time to get some replacements in.

    Valencia might not (yet) be in Ronaldo's leagure but he made Evra and Vidic look pedestrian and amateur a few weeks ago, not dissimilar to Ronaldo when he played against Utd for Sporting.

  2. If ManU has offered and Tevez has to ask Maradona who to join - ManU or ManC - after all his expressed wishes to stay, he is a snake and best not retained. Since Ronaldo is always flirting shamelessly withthe 'enemy' and has not done much at all this year, Mr Sulk should be sold. Then other player would get their chances and ManU may have another younger Giggs, a Scholes, 1 or more Nevilles, a Nicky Butt and even a Beckham in their ranks to grace ManU's soccer team. When a team does not play to SAF's instructions the culprits should be cast aside. I am a diehard ManU fan and for me SAF knows what is best for ManU because I am sure he does not wish to lose any game to anyone if he can help it.

  3. this article shows your lack of knowledge in football. valencia is a brilliant player. he won the best young player award at the last world cup! ahead of who??? cristiano ronaldo! im not saying he is in the same class but in a better tea surrounded by world class players he will be a great signing. one more thing..your opinion on berbatov completely backs up what i said haven't got a clue mate, mark my words if ronaldo leaves i believe next season berbatov will have a great season!

  4. Tony, You're entitled to your opinion, but you're very wrong, but tell me one thing how many goals did Valencia score last season? Good players score goals at all levels. How many would Ronaldo score for Wigan - a bag full I'd venture.

    Berbatov was shit in the big games - he's a lazy passenger all too often, he went MIA too many times last season.

  5. Andrew. Evra had an indifferent season ending. He was roasted by Lennon too. I still don't believe Valencia will prove to be good enough and I seriously doubt the credibility of the Real links.

    IF you believe United have to sell Tevez you are in a minority, Fergie wants him to stay.

  6. james, so are you trying to say in order to be a great player you need to score many goals? zidane? ribery? silva? figo? these are midfielders past and present who have been labeled as "greats" "world class" they didn't score many goals...i believe valencia has the attributes to become a great player, take park for a example he is loved by many at utd for his work rate, valencia has a great work rate, he is willing to do the dirty work and on top of that he has flair, pace, the ability to take on full backs(oshea got roasted at old trafford by him) can't judge a midfield/winger purely by goals!

  7. Just spoken to someone whose opinion I actually respect, he has been following United home and away in Europe and at home for nearly as long as I have.

    We talked about Valencia, he said "Wigan fans were a bit disappointed with his second half of the season - he's not worth £16m more like £4m to £5m".

    With reference to the players you've mentioned please don't bracket an as of yet unproven player in that company.

    Like I said you're entitled to your opinion and I challenge you to come back on here at the end of next season if I'm proven right...or wrong as the case maybe.

    I suspect Valencia will turn out to be another Nani - an expensive failure...

  8. well your entitled to your opinion aswell buddy....i have been following south american football for 10 years and i may add i coached in Brazil for 2 years,so when it comes to judging south American players i would like to think i have the upper hand. the problem with football fans in this country is they have a poor judgment of technical ability. im not having a go at those wigans fans but since when have they been privileged to watching technical players at their club??? so i would not look to much into what they say. as much as i love utd we where exposed in the cl final, by barcas superior passing and technical order to move on and compete with them we need more technical players and valencia comes under that catergory...nani on the other hand, has the talent but his football brain shocking to say the least....

  9. At the end of the day, opinions are like arseholes - everyone has one.

    I could go on about my coaching which has helped several youngsters into United's school of excellence, but I won't...

    Like I said come back in 12 months time...

  10. don't worry i will come back to you 12 months time. well lets be honest its one thing coaching in Manchester and its another doing it in brazil...the methods of coaching here is the reason why we are falling behind the likes of not having a go im just stating facts.

  11. I never said improvements cannot be made in this country regarding coaching and I wonder what it is you'd change to make those improvements?

    The thing is this, anyone who knows anything about football knows that you cannot manufacture players of the calibre as those you mentioned earlier. You can coach / preach technical skills, but you cannot teach natural ability.

    There's a lot wrong with football in England and yes it starts at the grassroots.

    However, I don't see any great differences with Spain who you've mentioned, in fact I think the overall world standard is if anything on a downward spiral at present. I cannot remember a time when Italy, Germany and Holland were so poor. Argentina are poor too.

  12. i totally agree with you there...but i gave up with the coacheing system in this country years ago because too much emphasis is focused on winning rather than playing football and expressing yourself...example, when a young lad is trying to dribble and take on players more often than not their coach will have a go at them. there are plenty more examples i could go on say holland and argentina are poor, but i wish england could produce the football they play...i would rather lose playing attractive football than lose the way we play...going off the point of the blog now so il stop, i just hope for the sake of utd im right and valencia(if we do sign him)becomes a great player.

  13. Bizarrely, I hope I'm wrong about Valencia, time will tell.

    Part of England's problem as a nation of football fans is that we are continually told by the press / media that we are better than we actually are. Take for example my old friend Patrick Barclay, now of the Times, last week in his column he suggested the current England team could win the next World Cup, he said the same at the last World Cup....

    IT seems we share similar views, apart from the subjective worth of Valencia...

  14. Interesting debate, ya I can't believe Barclay thinks England have a chance against Spain or even Italy.

    Valencia is unproven and would be a risk. Benzema would be a great signing to replace Tevez but then again, only Ribery would come close to replacing Ronaldo. Benzema is a class no. 9 with good physical presence and goal-scoring ability. Whereas Ribery's pace on the wings and his class would definitely be useful.

    Regardless, I don't see the two of them arriving nor do I see Ronaldo and Tevez leaving. Still, this summer has a touch of craziness to it, with an Ibrahimovic=Eto'o switch on the cards, and Madrid spending like Chelski. Lets wait and see what happens, I just hope United's squad is stronger by the end of the summer. Hargreaves should be back, and so should Wes Brown, so the squad should be looking stronger just by the return of those two players.

  15. As ever Uday, we pretty much agree.

    I have some concerns about United and Fergie. I'm not sure the boss should be sticking with Scholes and Neville, I also worry about Tevez and the way it has been handled.

    United could be in serious danger of being edged out of the accepted top four if they allow the said players to leave this summer.

    Benzema wants to go to Italy.

  16. If Tevez wants 2 go, sell him!. If CR7 wants 2 go, sell him!. But get Valencia & Benzema in. Benzema wl make us forget tt we even had a Tevez easily!. Valencia wl be an able replacement for CR7 on the wings!.


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