Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In the name of Shankly, Liverpool fans need to grow up...

One of the most depressing aspects of being a football fan is the often bitter rivalry that exists between rival clubs and supporters. The enclosed video clip will do nothing to enhance relations between Liverpool and United supporters, but the video is in the public domain and was presumably posted by a Liverpool supporter who was in attendance.

The video was filmed at the "Spirit of Shankly" end of season party and although the said organisation has tried to distance themselves from the Youtube video following its release, the artist (for want of a better word) was clearly no gatecrasher as has been implied by SOS, in point of fact this looks to be an orchestrated attempt to wind-up the crowd by singing a song that in part celebrates the Munich Air disaster.

IF Shankly were alive today he'd no doubt be embarrassed for his club and their decent supporters. The fans who were celebrating the Munich disaster in this film have brought shame upon their club.


  1. Isn't this where the old cliche of 'well it's only the minority' gets wheeled out?

    Filthy swines.

  2. Here's my take on it: http://therepublikofmancunia.com/spirit-of-shankly-youre-a-disgrace/


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