Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hughes on collision course with United fans over pursuit of Tevez?...

Let's be clear about one thing; if Tevez actually leaves United this summer, as could happen, it will be entirely the club's own fault for breaking several publicly made promises to the player in relation to securing his long-term future. But no matter how much the fans want Tevez to stay with United we have to accept money talks and the player is reportedly upset with both the club and Fergie, which is does not bode well for any agreement.

However, the really bad news is the Argentine wants to stay in the North West of England; by default that can only realistically mean with either Liverpool or Manchester City. Either scenario will be totally unacceptable to the vast majority of United supporters, one suspects Fergie will be livid too if that situation is allowed to happen, but make no mistake it is a very real possibility.

Mark Hughes has confirmed his interest in signing Tevez and it remains to be seen if the player and his owners will accept what is likely to be a huge offer, because frankly City cannot offer anything but a king’s ransom given there's no prospect of European football and or top trophies (The Isle of Man trophy doesn't count) any time soon.

For their part, despite rumours that Liverpool were about to offer £50m for Carlos Tevez, it seems that they do not have the cash as I suggested was the case on this blog recently; weight was added to that theory this week with the surprise announcement that Gareth Barry has signed for the Citizens. Barry has been on Liverpool's radar for the last couple of seasons, the fact that they've been "blown out of the water" by City says a lot about Liverpool's current ability to complete even modest signings or to match big money wages.

Much to the annoyance of United supporters, it looks as though City will be the most likely destination, because not only can they afford to pay the asking price and silly wages, but importantly the blues can offer a starting place every week which will not be case at Old Trafford or Anfield.

On the wider point of Mark Hughes pursuing what will be deemed as another United transfer target, we the fans will just have to live with it, we don't like it, but the Welshman's first priority is to manage City and any allegiances to his former club went out of the window when he became a rival Premier League club manager.

On a positive note, Tevez will do less damage to the Reds' title winning prospects if he moves to City as opposed to Liverpool - City took six points off United the season before last but it didn't stop the Champions retaining the trophy.

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