Tuesday, June 16, 2009

David Gill in firing line if United fail secure top strikers' this summer?

The will he won't he Carlos Tevez saga rumbles on, United have only had two years to resolve this issue and so no one can blame the player if he doesn't agree to a new deal. Ronaldo looks certain to join Real Madrid and depending on whose story you believe the champions' might well have been aware that the Word Player of Year was going to sign for Real Madrid last summer. For very obvious reasons like selling replica Ronaldo shirts and season-tickets, the club will have been keen to keep this news to themselves, on the other hand according to David Gill he has only been aware of the move for about a week...

Irrespective of any machiavellian plots, the general consensus is Ronaldo's exit was inevitable; it was only a question of when and not if. However, United are now having to face up to the harsh reality of having to quite probably sign two top strikers - because if they don't then who is going to score the goals next season? It is hard enough finding one world-class forward, two is a very big ask. Atononio Valencia will NOT provide the answer to the goal scoring question, so let us get that one out of the way right now.

The future of David Gill will I confidently predict come under intense scrutiny in the coming weeks, because the United CEO is the man who is charged with negotiating and completing any new deals. Gill's failure to address the Tevez situation earlier is indefensible, not only that but given the club were aware that Ronaldo wanted leave and they do not appear to have done much about this by way of preparation for his exit could well leave United with some very expensive egg on their collective faces.

The fans should not accept the argument that United could not have done more ahead of the Ronaldo news breaking - take the example of Real Madrid - they signed not one, but two world class strikers' in the space of a week. It comes down to poor planning by United.

We have to accept there's a limited number of possible replacements, but this only serves to highlight the club's total neglect and frankly appalling treatment of Tevez, because while the Argentine won't score as many goals as Ronaldo, his presence would ease United's task this summer and Fergie would be able to retain a greater measure of continuity.

Money in the bank from the sale of Ronaldo is no use without a squad that is capable of challenging on all fronts next season. The transfer clock is ticking for United and David Gill...


  1. For once i actually agree with you on one thing. yes it was inevitable ronaldo was going to leave and im a little confused to why they decided to announce they agreed a fee for him so quickly. They could have easily delayed the transfer and got in a big money signing before the rest of the world knew they have an extra 80mil in the kitty. Now we will have to pay over the odds for who ever we sign.

    I have to disagree with you about gill though. I believe he has done a brilliant job at united, he has never made a shambles of any transfer negotiations since he has been at united. (i.e. kenyon with ronaldinho and robben) His way of doing the job is low key, never seems to cry out to be in the public light. when we win anything do we see him celebrating with players? kenyon was bloody picking up a medal at Moscow. Anyways i shouldn't be comparing him with that c**t. With the tevez situation its unfair to put any blame on him because he had a fee agreed for the player from the start of the loan. so if fergie was so desperate for him he could have signed him with no problems what so ever.

  2. Tony, I don't actually care if you agree with my views... :0). I've been quite amazed at some of the negative responses on the subject of Tevez from some United fans (do they watch the same game as me?), added to which their positive outlook which I do not share in the short-term if United fail to sign at least one world-class striker this summer.

    You are not on your own btw, I seem to have been rubbing up many United fans the wrong way this summer.

    What I would say in response is that I've been famously wrong on countless occasions but it's a game of opinions off the pitch and I welcome comments from anyone providing they are acceptable by nature.

    On Tevez, the point is shouldn't United have seen this coming and if so United stand accused of failure to act knowing this was likely to happen? Or are you saying Fergie isn't bothered if Tevez goes? I seriously cannot believe that line if you are...

    Last summer I said that United's number one priority should have been to sign Tevez before any other business. It did not happen.

    Like I said in the post, events will likely overtake us, because if United slump someone will pay the price and it won't obviously be Fergie (assuming he's still with us). You can remind me if I'm wrong.

  3. Maybe your manager isn't sure if Tevez is good enough, or maybe dealing with his agent is a royal pain in the hoop (I'm sure this is at least part of it!).

    I'd like to see the player at Arsenal though - and that's another point... if your owners let him go to a club like us or chelsea or city, what will the backlash be if he scores a winning goal against you? We all know that's traditional with former players!

  4. I don't understand you, why do you come across as though its something personal, on the end of the day you said it, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    My opinion is, since i started reading your blog, which was shortly after ronaldo was sold, everything you have written has been a complete over reaction to the recent events.

    OK ronaldo is a unbelievable player, but man utd is by far bigger than any player, in my eyes and many die hard utd fans, i felt he was starting to spiral out of control and his behavior towards fergie and the man city incident was a disgrace.

    We have the foundation of a great team, so the is no need to panic. Last year our success was not down to our attacking play, we were successful because our defense was brilliant for huge chunks of the season. I firmly believe we will in fact have a better team now. I believe fergie will be able to pinpoint two or two players who will make us a much more formidable TEAM than last year. I highlight the word 'team' because ronaldo was an individual player, the were many moments when he was selfish, which i may add can be a great quality at times.

    Let me create a possible scenario, we go and sign villa/benzema(tevez replacement) and silva as ronaldo replacement. i would swap those two players for ronaldo any day of the week.

    With valencia i believe fergie is looking to replace nani, he has lost his confidence in the lad. towards the end of the season he hardly got a game.

    not all is doom and gloom at united, im actually quite excited with the possible arrivals.

  5. Rob, as far as I'm concerned and I'm certain the vast majority of United fans and Ferguson he is good enough.

    I really don't care too much for excuses when the club have had two years to sort it out, how can Real Madrid wrap up Kaka and Ronaldo in a week yet United cannot complete the transfer of a player who is already at the club?

    The best comment is you'd like to see Tevez at Arsenal and yet some United fans cannot see his worth. Unbelievable really.

  6. Tony,

    The problem I have with your scenario which would be a good one is that I simply do not share your confidence.

    Villa wants to stay in Spain; Benzema wants to play in Spain or Italy.

    What I'm saying is this is going to turn into a bigger mess than fans like you appear to be willing to contemplate.

    While I totally accept that I have been painting a negative outlook for the short-term, because I believe that is how it will pan out, I think some fans are being too optimistic about the targets available.

    Let's see who Fergie buys...

  7. plzzzz cantact with Sergio Agüero

    he is a good player sign Sergio Agüero as soon as possible plzzz


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